“The Sun is always brighter and amazingly big here!”
ImageKonark Sun Temple is situated in Orissa state of eastern India. It is a living example of Orissan architecture.  This temple is dedicated to the Sun God and is also known as “Black Pagoda”. It is at a distance of 35 kilometers from the holy city of Puri in Orissa.

The entire structure of the temple is that of a celestial chariot with twelve giant wheels (representing months of a year) driven by seven horses (only one remain intact). Konark Sun Templealthough in ruins today speaks gallantly about its once marvelous architecture. 


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The walls adorn with many beautiful carvings of women dancing in various poses, musicians, warriors, men and women socializing, images of animals and non-humans in various form. The Konark Temple is also known for its magnificent erotic carvings.

The best time to visit Konark is during the winters from October to March. Konark Dance Festival is organized in the winter. Catch a glimpse of Indian classical dance forms under one roof. One also gets a peek into Oriya culture and tradition. 



The holy city of Puri , the abode of Lord Jagganath and the venue for Rath Yatra which is held every year in the month of June- July is another attraction here.

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It is difficult to describe the beauty and mystery of Konark Sun Temple in words. One has to visit to unfold the unsaid mystery here.