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June 2019

Book Review: The Clockmaker

Paromita Goswami

This one really touched my heart. The reviewer had read my other works too and this is what she has to say.


I have read the author’s work before and compared to those, the clockmaker was a unique theme and approach.

The Clockmaker
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Now on Amazon Prime India: The Wedding Gift

Book Review: The Clockmaker (Jungle Series Book 1)

Paromita Goswami

It would be a sin if I don’t share what the readers and reviewers are saying about this genre.

Paranormal Indian Drama is being considered as a first genre of its kind.

The Jungle Series based theme  is now being waited upon. Did I ever mention I have ten books listed in this series.

Guess what would be the name of my next?


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Another book review: The Clockmaker

Paromita Goswami

Not all read paranormal. But some do.

And when they like it I have to share.

  • “This is the first book of such a genre that I’ve come across and I’m mind blown!”

  • “If you’re a thriller fan, do give it a read.”



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Book Review: A few more of The Clockmaker

Paromita Goswami

#bookreview THE CLOCKMAKER

It is a genre novel that is difficult to place, because even though it is a supernatural thriller, it contains in its pages a complexity of nuances, themes and emotions that it is difficult to enclose in a simple definition. The story shows itself to be interesting right from the start.

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A big shoutout: No.1 Amazon bestseller in Horror

Paromita Goswami

It doesn’t always happen but when it does, it needs a big shoutout!
I am teary eyed. Thank you my editors, book promoters, my buddy authors and above all my readers and reviewers.
Could not have happened without you.
A big thank you.


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Now on the Amazon Bestseller List: The Clockmaker

Paromita Goswami

Happy to share my happiness with you.

Its an awesome feeling when you see your book baby scaling the amazon bestseller chart.


The back story:

Lately, Ashish starts hallucinating things. The black hooded man, who traumatizes him in the nightmares, warns him of dire consequences if he doesn’t return the timepiece that was given to Ashish by his father at his deathbed. Burdened with despair, Ashish wishes he could change his destiny and end all his miseries. By sheer chance, he discovers the power of the timepiece. Ashish was still figuring out what to do with it when an incident shatters his life completely. Without second thoughts he uses the power of the timepiece to change his destiny. But, can he really change it?

A few reviews


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I Am The 10th (Book-1)


Modern, historical fiction




Sarah, a happily married lady from New Delhi, India, wakes up one fine morning in an unknown place. It’s not her home, not her city; it’s not even her country.
What is she doing there? How did she reach there? Where is her family?
Her search to all these questions takes her on a journey, a long journey that started way back in the 3rd century BC, a journey where she finds out that everything she thought she knew about her- her marriage, husband, family, home, India, even her name- was a lie.
Will she be able to find out the truth? More importantly, will she be able to handle the truth if she finds it out?
Come and join Sarah on her journey that will take you to 300 BC and back. Witness the biggest and the deadliest battle ever in the history of mankind that could well spell the end of humanity and the end of this world. Experience the might of the ancient Shastras and Astras, like Naag Pash, Brahma Kavach, and Narayan Astra.
Based in modern times, ‘I Am The 10th’ is the story of one of the oldest, and arguably the mightiest cults that originated in India during the 3rd century BC.

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About the author
R. Downer is a writer, author, editor, and a ghostwriter. He has penned more
than 37 books so far, 16 of which have been published under his own name, with
the rest being ghostwriting projects. Although he has written books in varied
genres, his favourite genre is mystery and suspense and he has already
published 5 books in the same.
After completing his B.E. (Mechanical) and M.B.A
(Marketing), Downer started his professional journey as an Executive in the
sales department of a UK based organization. Since then, he had changed over
and handled many roles and responsibilities in the Marketing & Customer
Service departments across industries. He finally shifted over to Advertising
and spent a good 11 years in the same.
Later on, he found writing was his true calling, and
now he spends hours glued to his laptop
and wonders if his wife can sue him for cheating on her with his laptop.

books by the author





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Shiva Stone: Hampi’s Hidden Treasure



Mithila is a senior archeologist on the Hampi site along with two other UNESCO scientists. They decide to open some secret vaults in the underground Shiva temple. Treasures and artifacts from the 18th century make the headlines but the Shiva Stone was kept a closely guarded secret. 
When a RAW officer hires Mithila on a secret mission to safely transport an ISRO professor and the Shiva Stone to Bangalore, she knows something is up.
Why is the stone called the Shiva Stone? Why are archeologists, UNESCO, ISRO, and RAW interested in a discovery at Hampi? Why is Mithila working for RAW? Is she the only agent on the mission? 
Shiva Stone will take you on a thrilling adventure through the historical site of Hampi. Buy it now!
Grab your copy @
About the author

I am an Electronics and Telecommunication Engineer with an inclination towards reading and writing. Besides, being Engineer, I enjoy running. 
My first novel is Shiva Stone which is self-published on Kindle.
I was born in a small town called Wai, near Panchgani, Maharashtra. Moved to Satara for High School. 
Under-graduation from Pune University and Masters from California State University, Long Beach.
Currently, working as a Cloud Support Engineer for Amazon Web Services.


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