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May 2018

Mauri, the second book of Abhaya collection by Saiswaroopa Iyer is set to release on 9th June 2018 on Amazon Kindle Store. Set in the times of Mahabharata, the books explore lesser known stories of the timeless epic of India from the perspectives of strong female protagonists. The opening Title, Abhaya, was released on Kindle store in November 2015 and has received praise from acclaimed authors and reviewers.

“Abhaya allows us to delve into the world of our ancestors and Gods through the route of great storytelling and a brilliant narrative. A thoroughly enjoyable read” – Amish Tripathi

About Mauri

She wanted to kill the man who others called a God.

Love is but an obstacle in her path

With her father’s death shattering her world, Mauri is torn away from everything she had once loved. Anger replacing every emotion within her, she seeks only one thing. To kill her father’s killer. Even if the man is none less than Krishna Vaasudeva, the man who people worshipped as a God! Someone stands in the way, reining in her bitterness when she is the least prepared for it. The Rakshasa Prince Ghatotkacha! But by the time love sprouts within her, Mauri has gone too far in her thirst for vengeance. Can Mauri save herself and Ghatotkacha before the consequences of her own actions can destroy both their worlds?

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The smile on Ghatotkacha’s face faded the moment he saw the figure that had appeared atop the wall. Unknown to him, his fists curled over his club and heart fought against the searing pain of the memory. The memory of betrayal. His intensified gaze and a placid forehead contrasted each other. No more of this. Not now!

Mauri saw him. Like he commanded a new surge of energy after their last meeting. Mauri had little in her defence. And she had other things on her mind before she could take an interest in defending herself. In fact, she had no wish to defend her past actions. Face it! But her predicament sorely needed external help and his demeanour did not leave much hope. Mauri steeled her heart and inhaled. She was going to need all her energies for this!

She forced a smile onto her lips and looked at him, trying to summon her old self. “So, we have visitors!” she thundered, glancing at his small band of Rakshasa followers. “But I regret to inform you that the temple is closed to pilgrims indefinitely.”

“Closed to pilgrims, open to monstrous rogues and their heartless little minions.” Ghatotkacha retorted. “Perhaps there needs to be a change.”

Her guilt notwithstanding, Mauri was not going to brook being called names, much less, being called a minion to a crafty coward like Alambusha. Still, his pain when he uttered the word ‘heartless’ did not go unnoticed by her. Her frown narrowed, fighting back any traces of regret. In vain though. “Change comes at a price, Rakshasa Prince, sorry, King. Though I must say the population under your command has dwindled too much for one to still consider you a king.” She could see his annoyance mounting. Something amused her about it. “So tell me what you can pay, Ghatotkacha!”

Ghatotkacha threw his head up and shrugged looking around. “I would have loved to play a game of word parlay. Except this is no stage and there is no audience to enjoy the exchange.” His eyes betrayed impatience. “I come to keep a promise. A promise of protection that was given to this sacred place under the rule of my uncle, Emperor Yudhishtira. My demand is clear, daughter of late commander Mura. Open the gates, surrender the rogue Rakshasa traitors to me. Open up this temple of the Supreme Goddess to those who deserve to see Her.”

“I asked for a price you could pay and you repeat the demand. By the Goddess, someone needs to grow up!” Mauri sneered back and leaned against a pole, feigning nonchalance. This was all going nowhere—her show of hostility, his mounting anger, Dhatri’s life in danger, and Alambusha preferring to hide inside the inner circle. She needed to break away. She struck upon a frantic plan, praying all Gods for its success. “There seems to be only one language you understand. Defeat me, and you can have a free pass inside.”

About the Author

Formerly an analyst with a Venture capital firm, Saiswaroopa currently writes Puranic fiction, with a focus on lesser known heroines of Ancient India. Mauri is her third work of fiction after Abhaya and Avishi. Her interests include Carnatic Music, Philosophy, History and Literature of India. She won a state level gold medal from TTD in rendering Annamacharya Kritis. She holds an MBA from Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur.

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“I turned to writing and blogging as an outlet for my thoughts and words so seeing my book on the Amazon charts has been a dream come true.” – Inderpreet Uppal

Today on the guest blog post we have the renowned book blogger, reviewer, freelance writer and  editor Inderpreet Uppal. She now boasts a new feather in her crown as the author of her recently published work Generously Yours.

We would love to know her journey as an author and your upcoming work.

It is a pleasure to be here Paromita. A1xd3oepvhL._UX250_

My journey has been an enriching and amazing so far. I am eager to write more, publish more and get my stories to the world. I have been a writer first, as the words have been a part of me forever. I turned to writing and blogging as an outlet for my thoughts and words so seeing my book on the Amazon charts has been a dream come true.

I have been writing stories on my blog and naturally wanted to take the next step to publishing. The thought was daunting no doubt but with the help and guidance of Rubina and Team TBC, it was a breeze since they are always a message away. Every writer feels scared and apprehensive but the high of seeing the book on Amazon makes it all worth it.

The added benefit was that since I was already deep into books, my steps to publishing were more organised. Kindle Direct Publishing is a boon for authors the world over as well as for me.  Short stories usually are not individually published or appreciated but disappear into an anthology, however, Amazon has changed that and now I have the option of sharing my books and stories as I wish.

I am working on a couple of books, the foremost being We Women Wonder. I have talked about it on my social media. It is about us women and the various thoughts, issues, prejudices and assumptions we face from the world and women. It is a book close to my heart as it stems from all that we face being a woman and how we can be better.

I am also working on taking Diya’s story forward. Many of my readers requested to know more about her so ‘Diya’s Desire’ is in the works. I plan it as a full-length novel. Another romance is in the works as well as various short reads.

Thank you for hosting me Paromita, all the very best to you and your books.

More About The Author

She is a Masters in Human Resources Management and worked as a management lecturer. An Army brat, she now joins her adorable Army hubby across the country. Blogging keep her busy whenever she gets a breather from mothering her ‘too tricky to handle son’. A sprinkling of fiction, a dash of books, and a bit of opinion add to the eclectic mix.

Now Available



Title:           Generously Yours

Genre:         Short Stories


‘Love is forever’ or so thought Diya.
Shy, bookish and loving, Diya never thought she would ever need to be anything else.
Her charmed life slips away from her in ways, she never imagined.
Will Viren be able to sort the jumble of their lives or is it already too late?
A bittersweet story of life, longing, and lasting love.

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Print Length: 172 pages
Publisher: Indie published 
Publication Date: May 6, 2018
Sold by: Amazon Digital Services LLC
Language: English
Available on Kindle Unlimited
Genre: Romance 
Studious Dr. Vishakha never dreamed that winning a date with Bollywood heartthrob Zaheer Saxena would land her in an unusual deal to benefit both of them. Zaheer wants to ward off unwanted attention from his leading lady and agrees to help her save her face. It’s just like a business arrangement for Vishakha – except that she hadn’t factored in the unwanted, yet extremely potent attraction this movie star would hold for her. But she has to keep in mind that make believe is his talent – before she begins to wish this were a dream that would come true…
It would be great if you can add this book to your TBR

Ruchi Vasudeva is a doctor by profession, a teacher by vocation and an author by destiny. After debuting by publishing with Harlequin, she now writes emotional and amusing stories for Amazon.


You can stalk her @

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Author : Sudesna Ghosh

Format: Kindle book

Publication Date: May 17, 2018

Genre:   Humor, Short Story, Contemporary Fiction


Momma’s boy, Debojit, is on the search for the perfect bride. Join him and his parents as they visit potential life partners. Expect some surprises for poor Debojit and his mother.

What the readers are saying so far:

“A fun short story with laugh out loud moments.”

The story is short and sweet. It talks about Indian marriage system in a hilarious way.

His Search for the Perfect Bride








Sudesna (Sue) Ghosh is a multi-genre author based in Kolkata, India. Her books span genres starting from nonfiction to kidlit and even some romance. After graduating from University of Rochester (USA), Sue had a stint in market research and then with print journalism, before becoming a full time writer and freelance editor. When Sue isn’t reading or writing, she is busy making sure that her adopted cats are happy.




After reviewing movies and books I am eager to write review of the famous T.V series of Turkey, Kara Para Ask starring  Engin Akyürek as Ömer Demir ,Tuba Büyüküstün as Elif Denizer, Erkan Can as Tayyar Dündar.


The Story:

Omer Demir is a devoted police officer who has recently been rewarded an all-expense-paid trip to Istanbul with his fiancée Sibel Andak. He lives in poverty with his mother, older brother and his wife Melike, like Sibel, who lives with her mother, ill father, and sister.

Elif Denizer is a wealthy jewelry designer and head of her family’s empress in Rome. For her birthday she is traveling back to Istanbul, where her father, mother and two sisters live in a large mansion. That evening, her family surprises her for her birthday with a party, but her father dismisses himself early.

Omer is eager to be involves in a homicidal case, so his dear friend Arda decides to take him on a recent report. The report features two unknown victims murdered in a car on the edge of a cliff. Once Arda and Omer arrive, Omer is devastated when he sees Sibel in the passengers seat, with a bullet through her head. Beside her is Elif’s father, also dead.

During her father’s funeral, Elif is threatened by a group of men who force her to reveal where the diamonds are. Elif then discovers her father was actually the thief of diamonds worth millions of dollars, and now that he is dead she must find them and deliver the diamonds to them. If she doesn’t, they will kill her family. She decides to keep this a secret from her family, because she doesn’t want to worry them.

When Elif’s little sister Nilufer goes off to study abroad, she and Elif are kidnapped and taken to a shack, where a psychopath named Metin asks them to reveal where the diamonds are. Obviously, Nilufer has no idea about the diamonds, but Fatih decides to keep Nilufer and use her to pressure Elif. Elif is knocked unconscious and taken into the forest, where Fatih explains he will keep Nilufer as his prisoner until Elif finds the diamonds, but if she contacts the police he will kill Nilufer.

As time progresses, Nilufer and Fatih fall into a complicated love and marry.

My Review

I watched the episodes, 1-54 on youTube, each 2 hours long. I would like to thank Anamara Shaikh channel for uploading the series with English subtitles so that viewer like me who doesn’t understand Turkish language can also enjoy the series. It took me almost a month to finish the series. I even watched two to three episodes in a day. The reason is obvious –  Engin Akyurek.

I first watched this handsome dark haired Turkish actor in Fatmagul T. V series. It wasn’t love at first sight of course but I fell in love with the character Karim he portrayed in the series and eventually became a fan of his. That’s the reason I picked up his series again after a gap of three years. And I wasn’t disappointed watching him in action as a Police Investigating officer in the series. But that’s about it.

“Kara Para Ask” meaning “Black Money Love” started with a crime scene which really kept me glued to my 4G smart phone. I watched episodes after episodes every day and it slowly drew me in towards the plot of the series. From just watching Engin Akyurek I started loving Omer Demir, the character played by Engin and Elif, the designer, played by Tuba Büyüküstün. I watched the mysteries unfold and the other characters taking shape in the story who were equally loveable. With each new episode the series promised me a new hunt and a bigger thrill and all of them equally balanced by love pairs, Omer – Elif, Fatih – Nilufer, Arda- Pelo, Merth – Demet. And equally powerful were the badies, Tyyar Dunnar played by Erkan Can and Huseyin played by Barak Tamdogan. Equally  fantastic were the supportive roles played by characters Mileke, Aunt Evan, Asli and Nedret. I loved the shades Nedret, played by Isil Yücesoy, portrayed in the series. From hair stylist to dress designer to set designer everybody here need an applause from me, the viewer.

But I want to rant about the writers of the series.

Oh come on man ! Where do you think you were steering the boat? You made me watch the whole series for nothing? I want to rant.

What started as an interesting crime thriller turned out to be a stupid illogical romance saga between two confused souls who can draw strength only by hugging each other. And that too in the middle of something very important. And that too from a police officer who leaves behind everything to run to his lady love? Oh come on. It’s pretty hard to digest.

After a certain period, the story had gone haywire. In one scene the actor is running after the clue like a mad man and the very next scene he is cooning his Ashqki to his lady love. The story shows the antagonist to be a very powerful rich man but his end was so naive. I really felt I missed so much. On top of that you left the main plot unattended. The justice to the crime was not done. It showed it was so easy to get away with crime and it was even easier to commit one. Every other person was doing a crime and that too for money or for family. Do you want me to believe this? The Istanbul police department was shown with so much glitches that it seemed the country was ruled by mafia rather than the peace loving citizens.

And the most important part, how can you ask someone to give up passion for love? How can love be so demanding? If all the policeman and armed forces personnel think like this or have a girlfriend or wife like the character Elif only God can save them. The story portrayed the character Elif as the most confused, poking and attention seeker in the story. Why couldn’t she handle her own problems in the proper way in the first place and who does she think she is?? I still could not understand why all the other person in the series was after her – Angel faced. I wish I got something after wasting so much time on internet. Tyyar Dunnar – why was everyone after his kidney I don’t know. Every time he was shot it was always his renal organ getting hurt. Was it very difficult to give him a decent death through the justice to show the evil eventually is brought down. Why were all the fathers in the series shown in bad light? Was there never an end to it. Introducing a character and then killing him or her for no reason doesn’t invoke any thrill. All the bad things can be overcome by love and justice but not love alone. You got to pay your price. Getting away with three murders is not done and neither is getting away with other crimes.

Every story has a beginning, middle and an end. And that’s how you plot your story. This series had a terrific beginning, a very confused middle and an out of the box ending.

Engin Akyurek you disappointed me as Omer Demir. Hope to see you in a  more substantial role next time.


Rashk : Jealousy (Hindi poem)

Paromita Goswami

On the occasion of Mother’s Day I can never forget the pain a mother goes through because of her empty nest.

This poem is dedicated to all the mothers who are waiting for the children to take them home.

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