Wow! I never thought I would be doing this. Thanks to my friend Inderpreet Uppal for sharing this awesome opportunity with me. I have always loved blogging. I find it very easy to express myself here rather than in other places. An introvert you can call me. Here I can take the flight of my imagination without anybody’s interference. So that’s blogging for me.

I am taking #AtoZChallenge for the first time and I do hope to succeed. Wish me luck!

Now is the time to reveal the theme of my #AtoZChallenge.

I decided on doing very very short stories of a 5 year old girl – GROW UP MESSY!  The theme is about her mischievous life which keep the adults, in the household, on their toes always and they just shout on top of their voice, “GROW UP MESSY”.

I would love you guys to join me in this hilarious sweet and sour journey of this cute girl who creates mess everywhere she goes and makes you adore her even more.

26 days, 26 stories, 26 times will make you laugh and cry before you fall in love with MESSY.

Happy reading!!

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