There is a reason to celebrate today. Its international Women’s Day. What is exactly to be done? Everyone is shouting on top of the other. But what do we do? Go shopping, have fun, remember women who made a difference, cook something special or do something special. Every channel, every page in the newspaper is advertising Women’s Day. But what should an ordinary woman like me do? Nothing!!

So here I am doing what I have been doing everyday and feel very special doing it. Writing. Yes writing gives me immense pleasure as I find this very refreshing. A place where I am my own, no backlog, where I can play with my words and my characters. They seem so real as if I belong to their world and everything is happening right in front of me.

Today I want to share women of my world. Women who made difference in my life. Also some pictures which I like very much.

Scan1 The picture is very old but very special to me.Picture 078The picture of a lady cooking. She has fractured hips yet loves to serve her hand made dishes to her loved one.shilong 651Ladies engrossed in taking a look at the picture in the mobile phone.shilong 652Their reaction when their picture is clicked. shilong 587A very nice way to celebrate Women’s Day where men are cooking dinner for the family.Goa2013 (128) This picture is very special as it shows a very simple lady enjoying in the pool.Misti Shadi 092Ladies performing “Dhamil” dance during a wedding.Misti Shadi 087Older ladies giving their blessing to bride.Mejda 144For generation Indian sisters are putting “tika” to their brother. “Bhai Phuta” where the sisters pray to their brothers for safety and security.Mejda 026Here the lady is terrified by the waves and taking support from her husband.Mejda 032The same lady is now giving support to an elderly lady.Mejda 551 Mejda 552No matter how old the husband is Indian women always follow their men. Here are few pictures of women at work.Picture 077 Misti Shadi 292 Mejda 174 gokarna (187) Holi2013 041100_1826

So much to do for a women. Yet she sometimes find herself chained. When will she be free.