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Teacher’s Day just went by. However, I didn’t get a chance to wish my teachers for their immense contribution in shaping me up for what I am today. I thank you all for your words, discipline and thoughts that will remain with me forever.

Now I want to scream about some issue that has been burning my pocket since I got my child into school. Nothing is familiar to what we had experienced in the name of education. In our times, the emphasis was more on knowledge as in understanding the facts and figures and how it can or has changed our lives. However, now I find the education more like a jack of all trades and master of none. The syllabus is more vast and impractical. Rather it is making the children burdened more with what little they could grasp.

Anyways today I don’t want to talk about this. What I want to know is how much does it cost you per month to enroll your child in one of the best private schools of your locality? And is the education that your child is attaining there worth the amount.

I am sharing an experience here of the school my child goes to. Since he got into middle grade this year, the school curriculum has added self-defense – Karate classes into his syllabus. Well, that is real good for my child is going to learn something good.

I have to add that we live in a city that has very scorching summers wherein the temperature touches about 45 degrees during the daytime. Now my child goes to school at 9:30a.m and after two periods of forty-five minutes each, it is lunch time. Well, so far it is going fine. Now comes the trouble that I want to share.

After the lunch break of half an hour, his class goes for KARATE session once a week.

Now if I understand clearly it is already noon and physical activity like KARATE is right after the lunch. So could anyone please tell me how it benefits my child other than hampering his digestion process?

And as if that’s not all, I have been told that the KARATE session is in the open for fifteen minutes. So what about the heat? And above all, the school wants me to shell out six hundred rupees for his KARATE uniform that will be available from the school. WHY???

I don’t want my child to attend this session. This strains him for the rest of the day. Moreover, he is too young to change his dress all by himself for that matter. At home when he goes to school I and my husband are after him to dress him up properly. The biggest problem he faces is tying his shoe lace. So let’s say I buy the KARATE uniform, and then my concern is how my child will dress up appropriately without any help for the rest of the day.

This is just one scenario that I shared. We have to spend a good amount of money for the education. I know it is pretty expensive nowadays. But then when I am already bearing his transportation and tuitions fees every month why do you keep burdening me with miscellaneous charges like scholarship entrance, horse riding, midbrain activation, magazine purchasing, newsletter purchasing and much more.

If that is not all, you ask me to contribute six hundred rupees towards his annual function participation. Which you mentioned includes his costume charges, refreshments etc. But on the annual function day, I didn’t get a chance to see my child on stage performing because you had forty-five students participating in that song which lasts for merely three minutes. I didn’t know which color costume he was wearing and in which row he was standing to perform. And when I went to collect him after the performance you have already changed his dress and removed his makeup. All I found there was a tired, hungry, exhausted boy waiting to be taken home immediately. Oh yes did I mention that for a performance at 7:30p.m my child was sent to school at reporting time 1:00 pm which means he had boarded the school bus at 12:00p.m. What kind of management is this??

Even after all these mentioned above, I would like to share about the teaching process. Just before the exams, the teachers think of completing her course and for that, she has the authority to call students in double shifts. I would like to mention here that my child’s timetable shows computer classes three times a week. The respective teacher failed to complete the syllabus within that time period for reasons best known to her. Moreover, there is no written notice from the school about this schedule.

My child forgot to inform me about his enrollment in the double shift program for his computer classes. All he said was that he was asked to come in the morning shift and hence left home at 6:45a.m. I waited for him to return after the first shift was over but he eventually returned at 3:30p.m hungry, tired and completely drained of any strength.


So what are we trying to make here? A child, who is totally exhausted, burdened with studies pressure, irritated and totally uninterested in activities. Is this what we want when we send our child to these awesome institutes, burning holes in our pocket thinking of their brilliant future?



Here is one of my article that was posted on THE BOOK CLUB dot com.

We have been talking about women’s independence and liberation. But are we doing that to our body? How much time do we spend in knowing own body. To be frank, hardly. Unless something terrible starts haunting us we take it easy. Our body too does the talking every time if only we have ears to lend. If at initial stage we could read and understand the sign our body is giving us it is half the battle won already.

When I talk of body freedom I mean no bra. It might sound funny, but then 13 Oct is celebrated as National No Bra Day under Breast Cancer Awareness Program all over the world. A woman’s biggestbeauty asset is always kept well guarded by the biggest brands of lingerie companies. Every woman dreams of finest brand that she can afford on her wedding day. She wants to look sensuous and tempting on her big day. And there is no doubt in that. Read more

jungle copy-horz

After walking for about two hours they came across their first halt. A small tribal village on the slopes of the Mikal hill.

Neha had completely forgotten that she was tired. Her camera just won’t stop rolling. She had been capturing images of everything she came across so far in her trek and here, in the tribal village, she had dig gold. Everything about this Stone Age village was worth capturing.

Ritesh had gone with Shankar to take a tour of their home stay while Neha was busy with her camera shots. Suddenly her camera lens caught hold of a veiled tattooed lady in a black robe.

She was sitting alone under a tree. The piece of cloth just hid her private assets and her whole body was nude, displaying tattoos in various forms. Like all the other in the village she was dark complex too and her hair more milky white than silver. She wore a pair of big silver ear studs the name of jewelry which was very prominent in her body. But unlike the other women she wore the minimum jewelry.

Neha adjusted her camera lens to take a picture of her. The lady suddenly unveiled her face to which Neha jolted in dismay. Never in her life had she come across such a dreaded face. It was the face was of a very old woman, the wrinkles were the clear evidence of it. It was the face that had lived its life and seen many ups and down. What remained today was just the tattooed criss- crossed skin over the skull. She was blind or partial blind for her eyes were complete white with no pupils.

This excerpt is part of my upcoming #paranormal book based on the jungles of Chhattisgarh, THE JUNGLE SERIES, a collection of short stories. The tag line is- GET READY TO BE ASSAULTED.


Chhattisgarh is a newly developed state of India with Raipur as its capital city. The state is well known for its bastar arts and Kosa Silk. Chhattisgarh is also home to many tribes and communities who thrive in the jungles and still practice their age old tradition and culture. You can know more about it The Erotic Rock Carvings of Chhattisgarh
Join me  to know more about this virgin destination that has so many stories to tell.
Bhoramdeo Temple

Chattisgarh is best known for its rich tribal culture and temples. Bhoramdeo Temple is one of the major attractions of the state. This ancient temple is situated in Kawardha district of Chhattisgarh which is about 116 kilometers from the capital city of Raipur or just 20 kilometers from the Kawardha town.

The temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and dates back to 7th to 12th Century A.D during the period of Kalachuri dynasty. This ancient temple has a close resemblance to the Konark Sun Temple in Odhisa and the Khajuraho Temples in Madhya Pradesh.

The temple was built by Nagwanshi King, Raja Ramchandra, who practiced Tantrism, an ancient form of Hindu practice that seeks to channelize the divine energy from God to human to attain Moksha. Therefore, the temple walls have magnificent erotic rock sculptures depicting various Kama sutra positions. Hence the temple is also popularly known as “The Khajuraho of Chhattisgarh.

Rock carvings, Bhoramdeo Temple

Within the temple premises there are several other small temples dedicated to other deities. Madwa Palace within the temple premises is also another attraction. It is built like a marriage hall and resembled the wedding Mandap of Raja Ramchandra with his wife Queen Ambika Devi.

It is a must visit place during Chhattisgarh tour. The best time to visit is during the Bhoramdeo Mahotsav held in the last week of March within the temple complex. This festival gives the tourists a deep insight into the culture of the state with various tribal dance and songs.

Bhoramdeo Mahotsav
Bhoramdeo Mahotsav
Mikal Hills

Apart from that the nature lovers and the adventure freak can always enjoy the picturesque beauty of the Mikal Hills and the wildlife sanctuary here. The temple is situated on the foothills of the Mikal Hills.



Neha had heard a lot about Bhoramdeo Temple since her arrival in Raipur. The newspaper, few days back in the end of March, mentioned about the Bhoramdeo Mahotsav which she desperately wanted to visit but could not due to Ritesh’s busy schedule. She was very excited to visit the temple now.

This write up is part of my upcoming #paranormal book based on the jungles of Chhattisgarh, THE JUNGLE SERIES, a collection of short stories. The tag line is- GET READY TO BE ASSAULTED.


new book copy-horz

“How are you feeling now Mam?” Shankar asked little apologetically.

“I am fine now. It’s just the heat nothing to worry about.” Neha replied.

“Great so that means we can go ahead with our activity then.” Shankar replied.

“Of course! I don’t want to miss anything after coming here.” Neha said.

“I won’t let that happen Mam. We will be heading straight to the village haat. Today being Wednesday, it is the time for Weekly market here. Many people from the nearby village come to attend it as it is one of its kind in the entire locality. Otherwise people have to go to Kawardha or Bhoramdeo for their needs.

”I hope they will have no problems if we visit the haat.” Ritesh asked.

“Not at all. As long as you do not interfere with the locals much. They are different tribal community and love to be themselves. Though they know me but they don’t like intrusion by foreigners. Just a request every time you want to click a picture, please ask for their permission first. They are very shy, specially the ladies. Though they won’t say no but it is always better to ask.”


“Oh, surely we will take care of it.” Ritesh replied.

“Also I must inform you that this hatt is also a dating place where the man and woman choose their partners for marriage. So as the hours go by you will find the men dancing and singing around with girls and it is celebration time for them. So they drink Mahua, a local alcohol. If they like you they will offer you too. Please! Don’t say “NO” and don’t throw the drink in front of them. It will highly offend them. If they ask you to dance, don’t forget to acknowledge it. It is their way of showing love and respect for you.”

“Phew! As much as I want to I will take care of all the information. Thanks Shankar.”

“And last of all, remember I am a local here so I will behave the same way with them. If I drink Mahua, please don’t assume I am drunk. I know my limits and responsibility. You guys are safe with me.” Shankar added.

“Alrighto!” Ritesh showed a thumps up. Neha smiled.


This excerpt is part of my upcoming #paranormal book based on the jungles of Chhattisgarh, THE JUNGLE SERIES, a collection of short stories. The tag line is- GET READY TO BE ASSAULTED.


Chhattisgarh is a newly developed state of India with Raipur as its capital city. The state is well known for its bastar arts and Kosa Silk. Chhattisgarh is also home to many tribes and communities who thrive in the jungles and still practice their age old tradition and culture.
Join me  to know more about this virgin destination that has so many stories to tell.
 The following short story was published in Youth e-magazine under STORY SLAM. You can read it and share your comments in the magazine website. Thanks.
She sat in the corridor lobby. Nervous, anxious and tired. The clock on the wall above did nothing to ease her. It was just five minutes past that she had taken her seat in the lobby yet it seemed like ages. The years back flashed past her eyes like a rewinding tape. The scenario was more or less the same. Only difference was this time the OPD registration form had her name on the patient list. It was not that she had not anticipated it but it would happen so soon was something she had never dream of.
Just few weeks back she had celebrated her fortieth birthday. Her life was promising as ever. Her career graph was escalating and her promotion was round the corner. The coming New Year meant a new beginning for her. First as the unit head of her own branch in the uptown and second her three bedroom duplex bungalow in the sub urban, that was anxiously waiting for the arrival of its new owner. Seriously life wasn’t easy for her but she had paved her way smoothly to where she stood today, a winner.
But her life had come to a standstill when her biggest fears came alive. While taking shower she noticed a swelling in her left armpit. It didn’t look that bad but it had her bells ringing. She had come across such situations earlier too. Years back Mom had a small lump in her breast which was diagnosed as cancer. Although mom was operated and the tumor was removed yet she could not survive the treatment. Years later Dad was diagnosed with a tumor in the larynx. Luckily he survived the treatment yet the after effects were too much for the old man. He was not the same man anymore and in few years his condition deteriorated and he was bed ridden. And finally after a dreadful year he breathed his last.
Since then she had lived with the fear of getting diagnosed with the disease some day. It had been several years since. She was a doting mother and a loving wife now yet the fear remained within her. And that day in the bathroom her worst dream came true and her world turned upside down. Life had come to a standstill. She didn’t know how to react. Should she cry or should she be strong enough to face it. Cry? No! For she had long since known something like this would happen to her so, she had to be strong. But wasn’t it too early than she had anticipated it to happen? She was just forty for God’s Sake. Her child, her family, her dreams. She was too young for it. Her soul screamed yet no one heard.
She disclosed her little secret to her husband after two days. Probably it had taken her ounce of strength to share it with him. His reaction was not unknown to her. He was one of those men who were more dependent on their wife for emotional support and strength. Over the years she was well aware of his outburst on slightest provocation and here we were discussing the dreaded “C”.  But he left her surprised.
It seemed like he was more prepared for it than her. Without wasting a minute he had listed out the things to do. As if he had been planning it for years and now the time had arrived to put his preparation to test. She could not stop her tears as they rolled down her eyes. He hugged her and let her wet his tee. He had proved her wrong and stood like a rock to sail her through the storm. Could her stars be luckier, she thought.
Her appointment with her gynecologist was pathetic. The lady seemed to know only about how to deliver babies and anything more was like something out of syllabus for her. God they make these kinds of Doctors now a day. No doubt there is a nursing home mushrooming at every corner of the neighborhood and the doctors no better than salesman pitching their caliber to the walk-in patients for generating revenue. A sign of doubt on the patient’s face will fetch a list of tie-up diagnostic centers from the doctor’s side with a clean mention, ”They are the best for the purpose.”
She had been too experienced for these kind of pitches and was disgusted to have wasted her precious time there. But her problem was not solved and she needed confirmation on her status immediately. That night was the longest night for both of them. There were so many things that they had dreamt of doing together and life had cut short their time. Both of them decided to make note of things that needed immediate care.
First was to get a home help who could take charge of the household work and look after the children in their absence. Someone reliable from the family would be a better choice as saving money was more important now. Secondly, once the treatment starts both will be busy for months and at that time they need good inflow of cash. So far they were both bringing in money at the end of the month that enabled them a decent lifestyle. But now the case is different. She wasn’t sure if she would ever be able to go back to work any time soon and how long could her husband afford leave. Suddenly, the entire balance of life had gone aghast.
Sleep was inevitable for both of them as they lay in bed at night thinking of the hard days ahead. The mere thought of the word “C” had tumbled their entire life. It was a big question where would she take the treatment. With today’s interaction with the gynecologist she hardly thought about her treatment in the city. That means the treatment would also include outstation charges. Also the question was how capable she would be after the treatment. She had seen the survivors and she knew she cannot compare herself with Manisha Koirala or Liza Ray. Coming from a middle class family she had her limitations. So the question was who to fall upon. There was nobody in the family and friends who could be called upon. Just them. Alone, helpless and confused.
The very next day she showed some courage and landed up in the cancer ward of the hospital thinking “If this is where I have to come later so be it NOW.” Very bravely she spoke with the doctor who keenly observed her case history. So far all her reports were normal but that were couple of months prior to her findings. So fresh test was necessary that would confirm her current status. The doctor examined her and advised for some tests. She went through the tests and waited her report outside the lobby in the corridor.
Waiting in the lobby outside the report room was hardest part of her life. She sat her legs crossed, arms across her breast and head down, raising it now and shooting a peek at the clock above. Tic- tock tic-tock the clock went and so did her heart beat. With every second her emotions was scaling a new thought.
She remembered the look of her radiologist while undergoing her test.
No! The lady didn’t indicate anything alarming. On the contrary her expressions were too flat. Maybe they are trained for that kind of expression.” She thought aloud.
Her thought wandered few months back. Maybe her body had given some indication that all was not well. Her frequent sore throat, her lower abdominal pain, her back ache.
Was her body trying to tell her something? Why didn’t she listen or rather didn’t take it seriously at all? Was she really sick all these months? But she didn’t have any symptoms that she had Google searched for. But how can she be so sure? She already has a family history. Wasn’t it enough to keep her alert? She shouldn’t have taken everything so easy. Life doesn’t give a second chance. At least she could not bet on that.
She sped a long look at the lady in the report room. The lady was busy assembling reports and announcing name of the patients. Finally the lady called her name and she got up to collect her report. Her heart pounding as if it would come out. Her fingers stopped working as she took the envelope in her hand. She had no strength left anymore. For three days she had put up a brave fight but not anymore. With trembling hands she handed the envelope to her husband and he quickly flipped through the pages.
He hugged her and whispered, “You have just kissed the death! You come clear.“
She hugged him tight and a tear dropped down her eye.
               The End


I was surfing the YouTube for some nice prompts for my book. I usually do imagesthat to divert my mind from my work. You can say it is sort of reliever for me. Anyways I was trying a different zoner this time. It was short films. The last short films that I enjoyed most were “Going Home” directed by Vikas Bhel and “Ahilya” directed by Sujoy Ghosh. There are many more which were very thrilling like the “Bypass” directed by Amit Kumar. This time I came across another award winning short film in Bengali “Arekti JIboner Galpo”. It has English subtitles too. The film is about transgender.

How many times have we come across one? I have voted for the LGBT rights in India and that’s about it. I have never befriended any person, not that I know of, from that community so in a way I can be tagged as that kind of people who have not come across them yet speak for them in public. But my concern is what would be my reaction if I come across them in life? Will it be normal or superficial or a blast of emotions. This short film portrays that reaction of a common man.images1

But then I consider myself open minded. Can I befriend a male who has been surgically transformed into a female or vice versa? I doubt myself? But when we speak so much about what is right and what is wrong on internet can we really live our thoughts too? How far can we go for what we believe in? Or is it that we believe only because it is the trend of the society  while at heart we may be the same old person who had been always taught how to live life.

indexAmir Khan’s show Satyamev Jayate had an episode on this community. I would not lie that it was the first time I actually came to know the difference. My ignorance is entirely my responsibility because I never ventured into the territory to discover it. My apologies. I would not have written this article too had I not seen this award winning short film, “Arekti JIboner Galpo”. It got me thinking that actually there is lot that has to be done practically.

What Amitabh Bacchan had once asked his younger brother in the blockbuster bollywood movie “DEEWAR , “TERE PAS KYA HAI ” (What is that you have ??) seems to have passed on for ages. m

Lets take a glance at this humorous conversation below :

One Baby to another:

Mere pas huggies hai !                         Tere pas kya hai?

One Boy to another:

Mere pas Ben10 hai!                             Tere pas kya hai?

One Teenager to another:

Mere pas girlfriend hai!                        Tere pas kya hai?

21 year old guy to another:

Mere pas professional degree hai!        Ttere pas kya hai?

23 year old guy to another:

Mere pas 9k ka package hai!                  Tere pas kya hai?

28 year old guy to another:

Mere pas sundar biwi hai!                       Tere pas kya hai?

32 year old guy to another:

Mere pas Beta hai!                                  Tere pas kya hai?

39 year old guy to another:

Mere pas lifestyle hai!                             Tere pas kya hai?

42 year old man to another:

Mere pas property/bank balance hai!           Tere pas kya hai?

50years old man to another:

Mere pas fame hai, rutba hai, success hai!             

                                                                       Tere pas kya hai?

55 years old man to another:

Mere pas blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, hai!                 

                                                                        Tere pas kya hai?

58 year old man to another:

Mere pas grand children hai!                       Tere pas kya hai?

62 year old man to another:

Mere pas Pension hai!                                  Tere pas kya hai?

70 year old man to another:

Mere pas abhi bhi fit body and strong mind hai!     

                                                                           Tere pas kya hai?

75 years old man to another:

Mere pas long lonely life hai!                        Tere pas kya hai?

82 years old man to another:

Mere pas upper jane ka bulawa hai!                         Tere pas kya hai?




Aur Apke pas??

Please  share your thoughts with me.

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