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Yes you heard me right. Today is Valentine’s Day and there is a reason for dressing up to woo your man.  How about the Indian way ? So ladies here are few tips to dress up the Indian way. No I don’t want to let down the man folk out there. You guys can get a good idea to buy something on your next visit to India.

toe ring

  • I shall start from the toes. So after pedicure and polishing your toe nails what else you do? You can put “Alta” to dress it up as in the picture above. It a red liquid used by Bengali girls to dress up their feet. Once it dries up you can put “Payal” (anklet) and “Bicchiya” (toe ring worn in the middle finger).  “Bicchiya” is mostly worn my married women in India and an auspicious part of women jewelry



  • Now is the time to jazz up your perfect waist. Well don’t worry if  your statistics are not that of a model. Your man will always love you the way kamarbandhyou look. This is just a treat to him on this special day. Indian women use “Kamar-bandh”. Sort of belt that makes you look more tempting. I have a picture here to make you understand. They come in all variety just like the anklet. Simple chain to designer piece of jewelry ranging from ethic to contemporary. Just try once.


  • Now the hands. Your hands are Manicured or not just a touch of “Mehendi” on your palm can surprise you too. The design and the color is so awesome that you would like to do it more often. You can also apply mehendi designs on your feet instead of “Alta”. However both have a different getup. Of course in applying mehendi designs you need an expert mehendi designer. If you happen to visit India then get a design book and make someone paint for you back home. You must take note that it will take couple of hours for the application to dry up and as long as you keep it on darker the color will be. In India the color of the mehendi on the palm is the love indicator. Darker the color means the more your man loves you.


  • So done with mehendi its time to wear jewelry. Bangles and rings are used to enhance the beauty of the hands. You can choose from simple to elegant designs for both. Some picture here will give you the idea

images (30) images (26)


  • With so much done how you can forget your slim and long arms. armletYou don’t have one? Don’t worry. Your man will always love you the way you look . So show off your arms with armlets. Instead of tattoos these piece of jewelry looks classier. Just take a look. Yes you will love it.
  • Now it’s time for the neck. Be it bare back or cleavage dress that you plant to wear a necklace will always complement it. I do not have to write much here as the ball is entirely on your court now. So I leave it to you. Of course some pictures will surely tell you how we like in India.
  • Same goes for ear jewelry. From rings, tops to “jumkas” and dangles you can choose any. It will always frame your lovely face.

Jumkaimages (19)Dangles


  • Now let’s do the head and do the hair. Here again the designs are plenty. I would like to mention about “Parandhi”. Even if you have short hair you can use this accessory. Its a long braid with lots of designs in it. You can check the picture to understand it.



  • If you are doing a bun then again this small piece of accessory “Juda pin” can make a lot of difference.


judapinjudapinJuda pin

  • The most important part is the face and we have nose pins in various designs and “Maang tika” (forehead jewelry) to compliment it to enhance your features. Both are favorite jewelry of Indian women. And of course nothing is complete without the “Bindi”. Here are some pictures to give you an idea.

Bindiimages (23)Maang tika


Well I have mentioned every detail that Indian girls love to use. Now it is your turn to try them.  You can also try any Indian dress like the sari, salwar kameez or ghagra with these jewelry and get ready to turn the heads on. And don’t forget to share your picture with me as I would love to see how you look in Indian attire. Mail me at and I shall post in my blog. Here at the end is the picture of one of the most beautiful actress of Indian Classic Cinema, Madhubala. A true Indian beauty.

images (32)


Today I want to share my feelings after reading a blog here. It was photo album of a tourist who had reiNamastecently visited India. His blog title caught my attention (wrongly captioned) and his uploaded pictures annoyed me. So here I am to share few things to remember while visiting India.

India is captioned as a mysterious country for generations. Of course land of snake charmers, cow
worshipers, naked sadhus from the Himalayas, self proclaimed babas, land of gods and what not. Even when you are reading this your neurons must be showing a different image at the back of your mind. Sure you are surprised that I could read your thoughts. Lols.

Leave them behind. India has traveled much beyond that. We are not justwomen dressed for the puja a land of poverty stricken illiterate people who come begging at every crossing or love to paint the walls just anywhere pissing or make pavements our home or spit on road or throw garbage as if it was made for this purpose or relief ourselves just about anywhere without worrying about hygiene. Yes India is nasty if you read this but then we are the second most populated country in the world after China and area wise much smaller. So the density is bound to be more. However we are surely not proud of this statistics and we are taking the necessary measures. We have come a long way from being the most documented street children series or chaos and crowd in our local trains and buses.

Diwali FestivalI rather wish that you visit India by learning more about its culture and people who under all the circumstances have succeeded in preserving their values. We are the country that still believes in miracles of god and look for all opportunity to worship him. Therefore every time we greet someone we fold our hands and touch our heart to say “Namste”(Namah: Aste – Sanskrit term). We still love to celebrate every occasion with color and lights to show the positivity and energy we believe in. To face the struggle of the day each morning we draw strength by touching our elder’s feet. The monument of love – Taj Mahal is a living example of how far a man can go for his love in India. And the same is with the women folk here. Amid all the strife in life she would celebrate “Karvachauth or Savitri Brath ” for her husband. It is just in India that a female deity is worshiped and some tribes
festival of colorsin North East India have matrilineal society.

Few years back news hit the headlines that an Indian couple residing in Norway had lost the custody of their two toddlers because they fed the children with their own hands rather than using a spoon and slept them in the same bed which the couple shared rather than slept them independently. Well this was shocking as in India we eat our meals with our own hands and feed the children the same way. Our affection does not allow us to let a young child sleep independently in other room. By practicing this we make a lifelong bond with our child and the role reverses as we grow old. At the peak of our age it is
our children who play the role of our parents and care for us rather than leave us independently. Such is the beauty of our relationship and values.

Godess Durga And without understanding these values and customs if you visit India all you will capture in your lens is begging street children, poverty, chaos, maddening crowd and everything that we are ashamed of ourselves. But if you really open your heart while you see India it will be different experience.

We believe “Atithi Devo Bhavo  Touching feet of elders and taking blessings    ” means (guest is god). So we greet you like god and give our best to make your stay pleasant. Yes I know you did face problem with one of us but that does not mean India as a whole is bad. While you are ready to share your woes on your blog then why not also share what really touched your heart during your India trip.

We care about our elders

In the end I want to share this link with you to say why I LOVE MY MOTHER.

Jot few lines if you find this good.




4708451508_69acce317e Nestled in the Dhaludhar Mountain ranges of The Himalayas, Mcleodganj is home to the Buddhist spiritual leader H.M Dalai Lama. This small town situated in Dhamashala,Himachal Pradesh in India is the spiritual destination for practicing Buddhism. Monasteries, stupas and the monks make most of the town. This small town is also home to Tibetan refugees who for generations have succeeded in conserving their culture and tradition. Amazingly Mcleodganj is also known as “Little Lahsa ” for its Tibetan ambiance.

Mcleodganj is unlike any other Himalayan retreat in the country. The restaurants, cafes, lounges, shopping centers are more westernized than Indian. However, there are fewer Kashmiri  stores too. North Indian food is also served in some of the restaurants here. Mcleodganj gets most of images (5)the Indian tourists from North Indian states like Punjab, Delhi, Himalchal Pradesh and others. Because of H.M Dalai Lama it has established itself in the world map too with tourists from all over the world visiting here throughout the year. Most of these international tourists reside here for longer duration. Practicing Buddhism, yoga, meditation, learning or just enjoying the spectacular view of the Mountains and the Kangra Valley. You can learn more from  Mcleodganj sightseeing.

images (7)The main town of Mcleodganj has lots of hotels and guests houses for the tourists accommodation. The nearby restaurants and market place makes the main town a hip hop place. It is advisable to make hotel bookings in advance here to avoid any problems. Naddi, Banshu and Dharmkot villages also have numerous hotels and guests houses which are cheaper compared to the main town. However these locations are few kilometers away from the main Mcleodganj and mostly preferred by those loving peaceful atmosphere to hustle and bustle of the crowd. Dharmkot needs special mention here as this place is dedicated to meditation centers and monasteries. A brief idea can be sought from Mcleodganj hotel search.

Reaching Mcleodganj is very easy with good connectivity by air, road and train. Nearest  airport is Gaggal Airport in Dharmshala which carters to domestic airlines. Nearest railway station is Kangra from Pathankot. From Delhi, Himachal Roadways Volvo bus services operate overnight journey to Mcleodganj everyday. Volvo tickets can be purchased from ISBT Kashmere Gate (HRTC) and Himachal Bhavan, Chandralok Building, C.P.

picture-225 (1)

Kolkata, One Day

SI have been to Kolkata many times but this time the magic caught me. I had a meeting and my return flight was the next morning. So after my meeting I  had enough time to explore the city as I wanted. Earlier it always used to be a family trip meeting all the folks downtown exchanging news but it was different this time as I was on my own as an outsider. And the city seemed entirely new to me. Of course seven years down the line lots of things have changed but the theme which I always imagined remained the same. I grew up watching bengali black & white movies where the plot mostly was family drama. But then it helped me understand the nature and thought of a common bengali family in its  very native place. Of course being a probashi our family had adopted many cultures to fit in the bill where we resided, a kind of mixture you can say. But what Satyajit Ray and Mrinal Sen depicted in their films was what the original Bengali family actually is according to me. People of heart. Emotions bonding them together. Mothers have a special position always. Girls brought up like a princess and the boys like prince. I always had this notion that people in Kolkata were always contended with small things. Money, materialistic needs are not counted that much. What counted for them was art, creativity and visualization. Every person here possessed a talent in one form or other. Its a city where both rich and poor have a space to survive. Every corner here has a story to tell and every pavement is a book to read. I visited the famous Victoria Memorial and then retraced my path walking all the way to my hotel in New Market area. Throughout I clicked my camera and when I saw these pictures I could easily relate themwith one or other character of a Satyajit Ray or Mrinal Sen movie.Image 

This magnificent building was dedicated to Queen Victoria after her death as a tribute to British Empire in India. Built in 1921 it is one of the tourist destination in Kolkata.


Just outside the Victoria memorial is the “Maidan” the stretch of green field which is the favorite spot of all the Kolkatan’s for a sunday picnic, lazing with friends or playing football. I found this guy with his mobile shop of Jhal-muri under the shade of a tree. “Jhal-muri” is  an all time quick and cheap snack of the bengalis. One can enjoy the chatpatta flavor with kurkure muri anytime anywhere. The picture clearly shows the ingredients mixed and aroma to have a mouth watering taste. I remember  having it many times when I went to Maidan with my folks on a winter sunday afternoon.


The picture here shows the small earthen mugs that are used for drinking tea. The smell of tea in these mugs are somewhat different from what we get in usual cups. The smell of tea blends with the smell of the earthen cup and the taste is awesome. The typical way of drinking tea in such mugs is to hold it with both your hands, feel the warmth in your palm, make a suurrrrr sound while sipping tea that ends in licking out your lips for more taste.


This is a frequent sight in Kolkata, the street food. They serve everything from dal-bhat, roti-sabji, chinese to south Indian. Fish curry and rice is very common here. You will also come across misti stalls and quick foodie stalls which are always crowded by people. They serve people of all class and position right on the pavement stall. A wooden bench or few stools on the pavement make a good sitting arrangement for these stalls.And as I said if you are least bothered about hygiene then do not miss these stalls as taste wise they are no less than any high class restaurant minus the cost.

Some are random pics that I love to share with you. I love the expression on their face. I caught these children watching another child eating ice cream. They did not tell their parents but kept looking at the other child.

kolkata 175



This picture of “Chowringee Road” has immense story to tell. This was the first road built by The British in Kolkata. The road is witness to over hundred years of history attached to it. Today it plays a prominent role in the everyday life of Kolkata.

kolkata 182

Throughout the length of its history, Chowringhee Road has carried an aura of prestige and heritage. Grandeur, colourfulness and importance have always been its handmaidens. To countless Kolkatans, and for most people all around the globe who are even remotely familiar with the city of joy, the singularly unique name Chowringhee is synonymous with Kolkata.

kolkata 184

While walking down the Chowringee lane I came across people who caught my attention. They are common man yet they somehow filled my canvas with their colors.

The first picture shows two ladies gossiping while waiting for their order in the street food stall. In the second picture you see few men sitting behind the wall busy with their discussion. Being a bengali myself I know the topic would be politics or football as these two are bengali men’s favorite topic. I specially like these two pictures as they depict the favorite pass time of Bengalis – “Adda.”

kolkata 198 kolkata 183

This picture of an ice-cream wala and his ice cream trolley, as I would call it, shows two different worlds. The brand name “Kwality ice creams ” we all know since we first tasted anything other then feed milk. It started in 1956 to be precise. People who usually come to purchase it are mostly well dressed or to be short economically sound. But here was this man dressed in lungee and a dirty shirt sitting at ease under the street lamp post waiting for people to buy ice cream. He seems in no hurry. As if all his life he has been selling ice creams no matter what brand. For him it was just a piece of craving which people would love to pay for. He seems much older than Kwality of course. Belonging from the era of  “thela ice-cream or ice candy” in his dress code which people do not prefer anymore. But I like the contrast in the picture.

kolkata 201

Here is another picture which I like very much. The man gets his shoe polished to look smart and presentable. I am not against shoe polishing. I do it myself. But I feel concealing something with the brush. Just like women do the make up with their brush, hiding moles, wrinkles, patches etc. Here too the brush is concealing the miles this shoe must have walked, the tiredness, the agony or the failure. Everything looks new after the polish a new “attitude”. But I like the polisher as he can easily interpret a person with his shoes.

kolkata 181

Rest of the pics are of New Market area of Kolkata. The area has a historic importance from the British Era and today is the most favorite spot for the shoppers. This clock tower is the biggest landmark here. I call it the “Big Ben of Kolkata.”

kolkata 217

The market area and some old building in this area.

kolkata 215

kolkata 213

Thats about all I would share with you for Kolkata. It is”City of Joy”. The people very emotional and honest. They think with their heart not brain. Very contended with what they have and always cling on to what had been theirs. The culture still holds the same here as in Satyaji’s era. The same craziness for food and touring the world. Never miss a chance to tour this magnificent heritage city.

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