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“I would say that this book simply blew my mind. It is super short yet amazingly entertaining and absorptive. I have always loved the author’s writing style especially the magic she creates with the strength of the emotions. This book is amazingly true to its genre. Loved it.” – Merrianil

A Night at Achanakmar




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Book Title :  The Inimitable Chaos Of Life 35015716

Author : Maliny Mohan

Genre: short stories collection.

Blurb :

A naive girl of eighteen is trapped in a dungeon, which changes her and her capturer’s life forever. Afar, tucked away in the sleepy terrains of a town in Kerala, a married woman is determined to revisit a forbidden part of her past. A model-turned-MBA aspirant is scourged mentally for a decision she almost made three years back. Back in the less happening village of Kanyapuram, an aspiring author loses a copy of her very first manuscript.
True to its title, ‘The Inimitable Chaos of life’ is an amalgamation of enthralling stories borrowed from the chaotic pages of life, which allure you to relive the multitude of unique emotions humans are made of.

My Take :

Life is a beautiful journey. And Maliny’s Book The Inimitable Chaos of life present the journey in a beautiful roller coaster ride. The book is a collection of short stories about the chaos in people’s life. Each of the stories are different and touch a new string of life. The author is very descriptive in her narrations and paints the picture of the scene very well.

Some of the stories like Sara and Second Chance I especially enjoyed reading. From  sibling bonding in the first story to the betrayal and revenge in the later story, the author has made a mark in my heart.

This book is recommended for short metro reads and anyone can pick it up.

Title: The Money Lender Tales from a small town in South India


Author :  Manju Nambiar

Genre : Collection of short stories

Blurb: Short and Fun read! Truly Entertaining and Witty.

The book is a collection of short stories, narrated through the eye of a small town money lender. As the story unfolds, we get introduced to the unique characters in the town and their bizarre issues. How the money lender provide solutions to their problems in the most humorous and practical manner form the crux of the book.

My Take:

The book is a collection of short stories from the perspective of the money lender at Gulf Town, a small town in Kerala. The author succeeds in weaving  great stories based on turmoil of relationships of people in this small town with the money lender in a pivotal role. Most of the stories are a small pack of surprises.

The book is recommended for anyone enjoying short read.

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Title : The Adventures of Ernie Fish518MLxeeo1L

Author : Sudesna Ghosh

Genre : YA cat story

Blurb: Say hello to Ernie Fish, the famous cat expert and his two cats Giri and Garby. And there’s a dog too. Join them on their adventures as Ernie Fish’s own cats prove his theories wrong, give him advice, and even sing! Every short story in this collection is full of meow.

My Take:

So you love cats?

Great! Then this book is meant for you. With cat expert Ernie Fish the author takes you to a roller coaster hilarious bumpy ride mentoring cats with the help of his pets. Of course Ernie Fish knows his job as an cat expert however, he faces many embarrassing situation because of his pets Garby and Giri. And joining in the gang of cats is Gugulu, the friendly neighbour dog.

The language of the book is narrative and is a collection of short stories. A very short read recommended for anyone who loves to interact with furry buddies.

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jungle copy-horz

After walking for about two hours they came across their first halt. A small tribal village on the slopes of the Mikal hill.

Neha had completely forgotten that she was tired. Her camera just won’t stop rolling. She had been capturing images of everything she came across so far in her trek and here, in the tribal village, she had dig gold. Everything about this Stone Age village was worth capturing.

Ritesh had gone with Shankar to take a tour of their home stay while Neha was busy with her camera shots. Suddenly her camera lens caught hold of a veiled tattooed lady in a black robe.

She was sitting alone under a tree. The piece of cloth just hid her private assets and her whole body was nude, displaying tattoos in various forms. Like all the other in the village she was dark complex too and her hair more milky white than silver. She wore a pair of big silver ear studs the name of jewelry which was very prominent in her body. But unlike the other women she wore the minimum jewelry.

Neha adjusted her camera lens to take a picture of her. The lady suddenly unveiled her face to which Neha jolted in dismay. Never in her life had she come across such a dreaded face. It was the face was of a very old woman, the wrinkles were the clear evidence of it. It was the face that had lived its life and seen many ups and down. What remained today was just the tattooed criss- crossed skin over the skull. She was blind or partial blind for her eyes were complete white with no pupils.

This excerpt is part of my upcoming #paranormal book based on the jungles of Chhattisgarh, THE JUNGLE SERIES, a collection of short stories. The tag line is- GET READY TO BE ASSAULTED.


Chhattisgarh is a newly developed state of India with Raipur as its capital city. The state is well known for its bastar arts and Kosa Silk. Chhattisgarh is also home to many tribes and communities who thrive in the jungles and still practice their age old tradition and culture. You can know more about it The Erotic Rock Carvings of Chhattisgarh
Join me  to know more about this virgin destination that has so many stories to tell.


“Ma you take care of yourself.” Madhavi cried hugging her mother.

“You could have stayed back my child. Who will take care of you there?” Dida sobbed.

“No Ma. Anurag needs me and after all it is matter of few months now. I am prepared.” Madhavi said.

“Take care of yourself. I don’t even have the right to stop you after marriage. Though I suggest you could ask Lakhi if she is willing to go. I am more concerned about Misry than you. Lakhi would be of great help to you.”

“That will be great support Ma. I will surely ask her.”

Lakhi agreed to spend few months with Madhavi and was ready to go.

Misry too met her cousins Dia Ria and exchanged goodies. The twins were teary eyed and hugged her back.

The scene inside the house was nothing less than the Vidai scene of Pallavi Mashi’s marriage where even Dadu dropped a tear from his eyes.

It was again another such moment in the house. Whole family came out on the road and waved back at them till the cycle rickshaw, Misry’s family had boarded, disappeared out of sight.


Few months later

“Lakhi Mashi where is Ma gone?” Misry asked.

“She is gone to the hospital to get you a baby brother.” Lakhi replied.

“Hospital? But she had said she will get me one from the market?” Misry said.

“Oh is it? But now a day it is no longer available in the market, its only hospital.” Lakhi replied.

“I want to see the baby.” Misry begged.

“Yes dear we will go together tomorrow in the morning. Now sleep down dear it is already very late.” Lakhi said.

“But Lakhi Mashi, Daddy doesn’t know that Ma has gone to the hospital. Have you told him?”

Anurag was sent to Punjab on Special Duty few weeks back. The entire nation rocked due to ethnic violence. But men in uniform have no time to look behind for their family. Restoring peace and harmony had always been foremost for them. Salute to their wives who are so strong willed that even in situation like this they know how to take control of themselves and let their men march away for the cause of nation without any frown on their forehead.

Lakhi wondered if ever Anurag could be given the news. Though she had informed Madhavi’s parents about the same and they were on their way.

Dadu Dida will reach by tomorrow sweetheart. You better catch upon your sleep now.”

It was the first night when Misry slept alone in the bed without her either parent. It was very disturbing for her but she didn’t share it with Lakhi whom she didn’t know that well then. The little girl turned to the other side as Lakhi patted her to sleep. Tears rolled down her eyes as she felt the vacate space in the bed where her Ma and Daddy slept. It was also the longest night she ever had. But eventually sleep overpowered her.


Early morning

Misry felt a tickle on her cheek and opened her eyes with a jolt.  Anurag was cuddling her.

“Daddy! When did you come?” She asked hugging him happily.

“While you slept sweetheart. Now I want you to quickly get ready to meet your baby sister.” Anurag said. He was sanctioned leave for a week. As soon as he got Madhavi’s message he drove down to Delhi and took the first flight to Calcutta and after driving all night reached hospital early in the morning. After meeting his wife and newborn child he had come home.

“Baby sister?” MIsry was surprised.

Anurag nodded.

Misry dressed up quickly and went with her Daddy to meet her baby sister.

There she lay, just beside Ma, wrapped in a towel, like a small red doll. Misry was awestruck with the first glimpse of her baby sister. She looked so real, just like the Talking Doll she so much awaited. Now it was all hers. She too could show off her Talking Doll like Honey and Boney. She remembered Dia Ria and started matching the baby’s features with hers. She touched each part of the baby’s face and compared with hers.

“What are you doing sweetheart?” Madhavi asked lovingly.

“Ma does she look like me? Her hands and feet are so small?” Misry asked.

Sona, she is very small now. You will not be able to make out now. Once she is a little older she will look just like you.” Madhavi replied.

“How do you know Ma? Did God use the same mould like Dia Ria?” Misry asked innocently.

Madhavi and others present in the room started laughing.

“No dear! But I can make out that her nose looks the same as yours. Both are flat.” Anurag added.

“Ghee!” Misry grinned.


Few days later

“Ma what is Lakhi Mashi doing to the baby. She is crying so much.” Misry asked little worried.

“Oh! Nothing to worry sweetheart! She is just giving a massage to the baby.” Madhavi replied trying to finishing her kitchen work fast.

Misry peeped inside the room. Lakhi Mashi was sitting on the floor with her feet stretched ahead of her and the baby lay on top of it, naked. Lakhi Mashi was dabbing oil on her from a small bowl and giving her a massage. The baby was wailing like never before but Lakhi Mashi won’t stop. She massaged her legs, her hands.

“Why are you putting so much oil Lakhi Mashi?”

“Because it will make her strong.” Lakhi replied.

Misry watched her attentively. Lakhi was massaging the baby’s small belly, head and finally her face. Mashi’s expert hands pulled out the baby’s nose to perfection.

Misry asked promptly, “Why did you pull baby’s nose Lakhi Mashi?”

“So that she has a sharp nose, just like your Ma.” Lakhi replied.

Misry’s hands immediately touched her own nose.

She quickly went to the dressing room and looked herself in the mirror. She checked her nose. It was flat and Ma had said the baby’s was too. And that made them look alike but Lakhi Mashi was changing that.  No way was she going to allow her or anyone to pull her baby sister’s nose.

From that moment onwards, every time Misry found her baby sister alone she would go and press the baby’s nose a little to flatten it. Sometimes the baby cried out in pain too. The elders thought it to be sibling rivalry. Naughty as she was, they thought she was hurting the baby intentionally. So they tried to keep the baby away from her as much as possible. There was a big list of Do and Don’t for Misry that she had to follow in order to go near her baby sister. But obviously none of it was followed by the elders.

The poor girl was disheartened. She found herself too lonely in this saga. Meanwhile her baby sister was getting all the attention in the house. Even Aunties came to meet her, talk about her, cuddled her and spent time with her. That she didn’t mind much, as much as, Madhavi’s behavior.

The new mother was obviously so busy with her new born that she could not give enough attention to Misry who was more or less at the mercy of Lakhi or the Orderly. Her parents could not come down as planned due to the ongoing turmoil in the country and Anurag had gone back to Punjab a week after her delivery. So Madhavi was also not in good frame of mind and she was irritated on slightest provocation.

All the circumstances had pinned Misry down so hard that her joy of owning a baby sister, her Talking Doll, had washed down the drain. She now hated her little sister for all the neglect she was bearing. She behaved indifferently.

Later, when Madhavi noticed her daughter, she felt pity and guilty of herself. She hugged Misry and kissed her affectionately.

Sona I love you so much. You are my world and you know that.” Madhavi said looking into her eyes.

“Then why am I not allowed to sleep with you anymore.” Misry asked.

“Just because you should have a better sleep and join your school the next day. See your baby sister doesn’t let me sleep at night. Always cries and she will wake you up dear. I don’t want her to disturb your sleep.”

Misry understood and hugged her back.

“Oh my Sona. When will you GROW UP MESSY?” Madhavi murmured.



Sona- darling



26 stories in 26 days. I am attempting very very short stories series with GROW UP MESSY – The sweet sour story of a 5 year old girl.

You can read the other post in the series here.

With today’s post I have come down to the end of the #atozchallenge. It was a marvelous journey that started on the first of April and continued every day except Sundays for the entire month. In this journey I had the pleasure of hopping so many new blogs with so many new themes that it felt like a fest. I also befriended few bloggers who are there to stay on my friend list forever.

GROW UP MESSY – had been possible only because of your encouraging comments and likes.  I thank you all from the core of my heart but without these names I will not do justice to this series. Thank you Kala (, Lata (, Richa(, Vishal (,  for joining the entire journey and Inderpreet ( for sharing this blogging challenge with me.

“GROW UP MESSY” does not end here. Catch up with her new adventure soon.




“The house is looking so vacate. It seems just like yesterday.” Dida said thinking about Pallavi Mashi’s marriage.

“Yes Ma. All guests are gone too. It was such a grand gala for the last two weeks. Now it seems empty.” Madhavi replied.

“We will be going too by tomorrow. “Surabhi added.

“You could have stayed a few days more Didi?” Madhavi said.

Na, Re. Not this time. Your Jamaida cannot afford any more leaves. You come down if it is possible.” Surabhi said.

“How can I, in this condition? I will go home straight from here.” Madhavi said.

“Why are you girls discussing on leaving home? I am already upset with one married off recently.”Dida cried.

“Oh Ma! We didn’t mean too. We miss you so much.” Madhavi hugged her.

Sitting of the bed Misry saw the entire Ma-daugter drama. She started laughing.

“Hey you little girl! Come here and give me a hug.” Dida said to Misry.

Misry hugged her back.

“You naughty girl! What made you laugh, huh?” Dida patted her.

Dida, all Mas are the same. When their daughter leaves, they cry.”

“Not just your Ma sweet heart, you will cry too, when you are wedded off like your Mashi.” Dida said teasingly.

Nah. I will not cry.” Misry replied.


“Because I know whom I will marry.” Misry replied.

Ke re! Now only you have chosen the man you want to marry?”

Misry nodded with a smile.

“And who is that lucky chap?”

Ke Abar! Superstar Amitabh Bachchan. ” Madhavi revealed the secret.

“Oh My God! Misry….” Dida said teasingly.

Misry smiled shyly.


Sunday evening

“Come on guys hurry up. They all will turn up in a minute.” Soma said to the girls.

“But Ma. I cannot eat it so fast.” Dia Ria answered.

“Finish it now! I don’t want to hear in the middle of the program, that you are hungry. Okay?” Soma snapped.

Both the girls nodded and giggled.

The excitement was all about the Sunday movie on Doordarshan, T.V channel. Since the time T.V moved in the house, evenings were quite fun especially the Sundays.

The neighbors joined in with their families to watch the feature film together in the house. It was a similar evening and Raja’s family along with few more families from the colony had come down to watch the movie which was about to start.

Sitting arrangements were made like the cinema hall with the elders taking the chairs and the children sat on a rug on the floor.

The movie started at its stipulated time and there was pin drop silence in the hall. No, not just the hall it was the house too and the neighborhood too.

None could take their eyes off from the T.V set as long as the film continued. It was Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore super-dupper movie, Aaradhana. People were watching it on T.V for the first time. Many had watched the film in the movie theater but it spins the magic every time it is watched.

The duo had some lovely song pictuisation in the movie and the numbers are a hit even today. None uttered a word or flicked their eyes while watching the movie on T.V. Everyone was mesmerized by both movie and T.V.

Couple of hours later there was half an hour interval break. It was also the time for evening news broadcast. So more or else people were limited within the hall of the house.

Only ladies went to the kitchen to prepare some evening snacks for the guests and others.  Luckily they had prepared everything beforehand and it just needed little frying and dressing before serving everyone. Children loved munching during the interval break. Tea was also served along with the snacks.

The movie resumed in time.


In the neighborhood

Horiya had all hopes of laying his hands on something big today. With the winters set in people were generally indoors by early evenings and the streets deserted by late evenings. He was sure he wouldn’t have to wait till late night to steal anything.

Horiya was a thief who stole petty things like fishes, poultry, eggs and all that. He made good money selling them in the market for his livelihood. Since it was dead winters, working late nights was difficult and moreover, evenings were good enough to complete the job. That would give him enough time to catch upon his sleep at night too. And maybe he could grab something good for dinner as well.

With that in mind Horiya had jumped over the wall of Dadu’s house. His eyes were on the hen pen and the earthen pot hanging from the date palm tree. That would easily fetch him good money to live at ease for few days.

He had already decided to climb the date palm tree when he heard the song from the movie,

“Kora Kagz Tha Yeh Mann Mera……”

Die hard Kishor Kumar fan as which he was, he forgot what he had come for and walked straight towards the source of the music, the house.

He saw the music coming from a box kept in the hall and surprisingly it was also showing Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore movie. Of course he recognized them but he could not believe his eyes. He had always watched them on big screen in the cinema hall and here they were in black and white in a small box. He peeped inside and saw half of the colony sitting inside the hall, glued to the T.V.

He thought whatever that box was called, it was magic and he was drawn towards it too. He neatly spread his gamcha on the verandah outside and took his seat from where he could get a clear view of the T.V in the hall. He enjoyed the movie without anybody’s notice. He had completely forgotten that he had come to steal.

In the interval when everybody was served snacks and tea, Misry noticed that one person sat unattended in the verandah. By that time the movie had resumed.

Misry told her Dida about it who in turn thought that it must be some servant from the neighborhood watching T.V sitting outside.  The lady went back to the kitchen and brought tea and snacks for that man.

When Dadu saw her taking the cup outside the hall, he asked, “Where are you taking it?”

“There is a man sitting outside, watching T.V.” Dida replied.

“Who is there?” Dadu asked.

“Hoojor, I am Horiya!” The man replied.

“Horiya?? Who Horiya?” Dadu asked.

Horiya come to his senses. He knew if he was caught now, he would be handed over to the police. He raced for his life.

Watching him run Dadu shouted, “Thief thief!”

The men ran after him but could not catch him. They returned shortly and checked if anything was missing in the house.

Dadu was glad that nothing was stolen. They resumed their movie. When it finally ended they were all praise for the T.V for averting the mishap and Misry too for noticing the man first.

Madhavi thought with pride, “Don’t GROW UP MESSY!!”



Na, Re- No                  Ke re- what                 Ke Abar- who else

Gamcha- traditional cotton towel


google images

“Misry leave that I said!” Dadu shouted.

MIsry looked back at Dadu and picked up two more handfuls of jujubes from the basket and dumped them in her pockets.

“I said STOP!” Dadu yelled. But Misry was in no mood to listen to the old man. She wanted the Xtra berries and no matter what she would have it.

Before she could even anticipate Dadu came up from behind her and smacked her hard on the back.

“I don’t mind spanking little girls if they don’t listen. I have given you the lion’s share yet you want all of it. No way! Give all that back. Now!” He hissed.

Tears dropped off Misry’s eyes as she handed him over the jujubes she had picked from the basket. She was very angry with her Dadu. The old man had not given her jujubes even after so much requesting. And when she turned to disobey him he spanked her.

Every year her cousins get to eat these berries from Dadu’s garden. She was visiting him after so many years yet he divided equally among them all. She deserved a cut more for her absence all these years but the old man forgot his calculations.

Dadu had a different opinion about the same. According to him eating lots of jujubes causes sore throat and Misry was very prone to it even with slightest carelessness. He didn’t want his little grandchild to suffer and ruin her vacation due to it. Hence he used to give her only few of it even after repeated request from her. But today she just won’t listen and he had to beat her. The old man felt bad but it was for her good. He was sure the little child will forget about it soon and carry on with the day with full enthusiasm like she always did.

But he was wrong. He forgot that Misry was very sentimental too and she would never forget that her Dadu, of all the people, had beaten her for her cousins.


Later in the day

“Misry, why are you not eating your food? Ma has made it for you.” Dida said.

“I am not hungry Dida.” Misry replied meekly.

“Hmm something wrong dear? You sound low.” Dida said.

“Nothing Dida. I am fine.”

“Hmm, did anybody say anything to you?” Dida asked.

Before Misry could answer Dadu had joined them for lunch.

“What’s going on Didibhai? What is on the menu today? ” He said sitting beside her on the floor. They had their meal sitting on the floor on a flat wooden board called Peedi.

Dida started laying out plate for him while Dadu kept chatting with Misry.

“Sweetheart I know you are upset but one day you will thank me for that. Always remember that we love you very much.”

Misry started eating quietly.


“Misry come on let us play!” Dia Ria called.

But Misry didn’t come out of her room. She sat beside the window watching them play hopscotch.

“Misry what’s wrong dear! Why don’t you go out and play with them?”Madhavi asked.

“Ma, when will we go back to our home?” Misry asked.

“Why sweet heart? You don’t like it here?”

“No! People are bad here. They don’t love me.” Misry replied making a sad face.

“Oh Dear! Did anybody say anything to you? Did you do something wrong?”

Her Ma’s tone alerted her. She knew if she says anything against Dadu Ma won’t listen and hold her responsible for everything that had happened in the morning. So she kept mum.

“Fine! So I suppose there is nothing to worry and you are just fine. Right?”

She nodded.

Madhavi left her alone in the room. Misry thought over the whole incident. She could not come to the terms that Dadu could beat her for asking for some more jujubes. And now her Ma was also not ready to listen to any of it. She felt very lonely and angry.


Next morning.

Dadu tried to do something xtra for Misry. He knew she was still upset with him and was not talking to him. He thought of surprising her by giving her a new present.

He took his fishing rod and umbrella and headed straight for the pond. He had promised Dida to get something nice to cook for lunch for his little granddaughter.

He was waiting to hook a turtle in his fishing rod so that Dida could cook a lavish dish of turtle meat for lunch today. There was no doubt in his mind that Misry won’t enjoy it. He had seen his other grand children enjoy every dish cooked out of turtle meat. Luck didn’t favor him yet he kept his patience and didn’t go off guard. As the hours went by he was tired and hungry too but he didn’t care.

But for some reasons the turtles were busy elsewhere and not coming in the vicinity. But Dadu was in no mood to give up. It would have been easier for him to go and get one from the market but he wanted to have it from his pond. Time tickled and still no catch.

Misry saw her Dadu sitting on the edge with a fishing rod and an umbrella.

“Again he was getting something for everybody else and not for her.” Misry thought. Anger flared inside her. She remembered how he had spanked her the previous day. She wanted to take revenge. She crept behind him quietly and gave him a hard push.

The old mad fell down in the pond with a big splash. The splash was heard from inside the house and everybody came rushing out to see what had happened.

Misry was still standing there watching the old man struggling for his balance. He was a good swimmer and quickly gained his balance back after the sudden jolt. He was not hurt at all. Rather when he saw everybody rushing towards the pond he started swimming.

Misry hid behind the bushes seeing them. She was sure the old man will put up a cry and will make sure she gets spanked again for her act.

“What happened Baba? Are you all right? ” Nilesh said giving his hand to pull him out.

The old man didn’t want to blame MIsry. He knew the little girl did this out of anger and if he said the truth she will be angrier with him probably forever.

“Nothing. I just dozed off.” The old man said.

“What is the need to fish here the whole day when Ranu has already bought fish from the market?” Nilesh asked.

“I was looking for a turtle for my Didibhai. I know she will love it.”

Misry heard what her Dadu had said. She was ashamed of herself. How unfairly she had thought of the old man. He was here since the morning only for her only. The tutrles were only meant for her. She felt ashamed of her behaviour and wanted to bed for forgiveness. She ran and hugged her Dadu.

Others thought the little girl was terrified to see Dadu fall in the pond and were not aware of the actual incident.

”I don’t want a turtle Dadu. I am so sorry.” She sobbed.

Dadu hugged her back. He knew the child was feeling guilty so didn’t let the others know what was actually going among them. He simply said, “Don’t GROW UP MESSY!”


26 stories in 26 days. I am attempting very very short stories series with GROW UP MESSY – The sweet sour story of a 5 year old girl. Follow my blog for the next story of Messy.

You can read the other post in the series here.



The house was gleaming with colorful lights and laughter. Pallavi Mashi’s D day was just few hours away. Guests from far and near had already arrived to attend the numerous pre-wedding ceremonies. Misry was sharing the big bamboo bed with her other aunts who had come for the wedding. She heard all that was discussed among the women. They were talking about the gift that they would be giving to the newlywed couple. Some flaunt the golden ear studs, some the gold chain, some silk saree and many more. When it was Madhavi’s turn, she said she would be gifting a T.V set.

There was silence in the room. T.V was still a distant dream for many household at that time. Many including Misry’s cousins had never seen a T.V before. Misry got the opportunity as they had a T.V set in their Officer’s Mess where Daddy would sometimes go to watch NEWS or matches with other officers in the Camp.

“A T.V?” one of them said.

Madhavi nodded.

“Good Lord! I have never seen one in my life! Lucky Pallavi.” One of the ladies said.

“It must be Anurag’s suggestion. Only he can think about it.” Another lady added.

Madhavi smiled at them. “Actually Anurag had been thinking about it lately. So we got one for Baba too and one for Pallavi.” She added.

“Hey did you say we have two T.Vs at this very moment in the house!” The lady asked.

Madhavi nodded,

“Ahhaa…What are we waiting for. Come on let’s go and see then.” The lady said.

The room was vacant in a second.


“Don’t move it now. Yes, a little to the left. No …No…Just a little right. Okay!” Nilesh was shouting from the window.

Anurag was on top of the roof doing the T.V antenna.

-Good evening! The news read by ……..

All eyes were glued to the T.V. It was a different experience to WATCH somebody reading news. They were used to hearing it on radio. Everybody started clapping.  Soma served Rasogulla to everybody in the house. The news was followed by Chitrahaar and other episodes. Everybody in the house was glued to the T.V set that evening. Nobody interacted with each other anymore. They just watched the idiot box without any second thoughts. It was going very difficult for Dida to call everyone back to work.

“It is a bane than boon” the old lady thought.

Everybody was all praise for Anurag who had come down to join the pre wedding ceremonies in the house. Most excited were the children. They fought with each other to sit in the front of the T.V.


Two days later

Pallavi Mashi’s D-Day arrived. Since morning the house was on fire. In those days, all the ceremonies were held in the house rather than in Bhibah Bhawan. That was another reason of the house being on fire. Everybody was assigned a job to do and they were trying to do the best before the groom’s side marched in for the wedding.

Pallavi Mashi had been busy since morning with all the rituals along with the other married ladies in the house. The children never left her side. They made sure they were part of each and every ceremony in the house.

Now when it comes to ceremony, the ladies just don’t participate like that. Every occasion needed a new sari and dress up. And it was not just limited to ladies even the little girls loved flaunting their new dresses.

There was a hidden rivalry among the cousins, “Who looks the best!” They never left any chance to be near the bride and made sure all the pictures clicked had them in a new pose and new dress.

Finally evening arrived and Pallavi Mashi was all dressed up for her wedding. She looked no less than a princess in a red Banarasi sari. Bengali marriage has a ritual where the groom stays over the night at the bride’s place on the wedding night and leaves the next day evening with his new bride for his home. So the room where the newly wedded couple will take rest after the wedding is one of the main attractions in the Bengali weddings.

Pallavi’s room was also decorated that evening and so was the big queen sized bed with embroidered bedcovers and cushions. Long chains of Rajanigandha hung from the four posters of the bed in various designs making it look like a bed of flowers.

Pallavi sat in the middle of the bed along with some of her friends and cousins like an elegant princess. It was her day and everybody came to meet her there showering their blessings and good wishes for a beautiful married life ahead. This is always a big moment for any bride when she is the center of attraction. But Pallavi Mashi’s moments were short lived.

Misry came running in the room and declared she would be sitting on her Mashi’s lap. The twins retaliated immediately. In less than a second the little girls were fighting like cats, scratching each other, calling names and pulling each other’s hair. Obviously the winner gets to sit in the bride’s lap. And they were doing it right in front of the guests in the room. Pallavi Mashi was so embarrassed that she eventually agreed to accommodate all the three in her lap. The girls made sure none moved down from her lap no matter how uncomfortable Pallavi Mashi was. The poor bride had to meet everybody with the three kids in her lap.

Although she had a smile on her face but thought all the while, “When will you GROW UP MESSY!!”



26 stories in 26 days. I am attempting very very short stories series with GROW UP MESSY – The sweet sour story of a 5 year old girl. Follow my blog for the next story of Messy.

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