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After reviewing movies and books I am eager to write review of the famous T.V series of Turkey, Kara Para Ask starring  Engin Akyürek as Ömer Demir ,Tuba Büyüküstün as Elif Denizer, Erkan Can as Tayyar Dündar.


The Story:

Omer Demir is a devoted police officer who has recently been rewarded an all-expense-paid trip to Istanbul with his fiancée Sibel Andak. He lives in poverty with his mother, older brother and his wife Melike, like Sibel, who lives with her mother, ill father, and sister.

Elif Denizer is a wealthy jewelry designer and head of her family’s empress in Rome. For her birthday she is traveling back to Istanbul, where her father, mother and two sisters live in a large mansion. That evening, her family surprises her for her birthday with a party, but her father dismisses himself early.

Omer is eager to be involves in a homicidal case, so his dear friend Arda decides to take him on a recent report. The report features two unknown victims murdered in a car on the edge of a cliff. Once Arda and Omer arrive, Omer is devastated when he sees Sibel in the passengers seat, with a bullet through her head. Beside her is Elif’s father, also dead.

During her father’s funeral, Elif is threatened by a group of men who force her to reveal where the diamonds are. Elif then discovers her father was actually the thief of diamonds worth millions of dollars, and now that he is dead she must find them and deliver the diamonds to them. If she doesn’t, they will kill her family. She decides to keep this a secret from her family, because she doesn’t want to worry them.

When Elif’s little sister Nilufer goes off to study abroad, she and Elif are kidnapped and taken to a shack, where a psychopath named Metin asks them to reveal where the diamonds are. Obviously, Nilufer has no idea about the diamonds, but Fatih decides to keep Nilufer and use her to pressure Elif. Elif is knocked unconscious and taken into the forest, where Fatih explains he will keep Nilufer as his prisoner until Elif finds the diamonds, but if she contacts the police he will kill Nilufer.

As time progresses, Nilufer and Fatih fall into a complicated love and marry.

My Review

I watched the episodes, 1-54 on youTube, each 2 hours long. I would like to thank Anamara Shaikh channel for uploading the series with English subtitles so that viewer like me who doesn’t understand Turkish language can also enjoy the series. It took me almost a month to finish the series. I even watched two to three episodes in a day. The reason is obvious –  Engin Akyurek.

I first watched this handsome dark haired Turkish actor in Fatmagul T. V series. It wasn’t love at first sight of course but I fell in love with the character Karim he portrayed in the series and eventually became a fan of his. That’s the reason I picked up his series again after a gap of three years. And I wasn’t disappointed watching him in action as a Police Investigating officer in the series. But that’s about it.

“Kara Para Ask” meaning “Black Money Love” started with a crime scene which really kept me glued to my 4G smart phone. I watched episodes after episodes every day and it slowly drew me in towards the plot of the series. From just watching Engin Akyurek I started loving Omer Demir, the character played by Engin and Elif, the designer, played by Tuba Büyüküstün. I watched the mysteries unfold and the other characters taking shape in the story who were equally loveable. With each new episode the series promised me a new hunt and a bigger thrill and all of them equally balanced by love pairs, Omer – Elif, Fatih – Nilufer, Arda- Pelo, Merth – Demet. And equally powerful were the badies, Tyyar Dunnar played by Erkan Can and Huseyin played by Barak Tamdogan. Equally  fantastic were the supportive roles played by characters Mileke, Aunt Evan, Asli and Nedret. I loved the shades Nedret, played by Isil Yücesoy, portrayed in the series. From hair stylist to dress designer to set designer everybody here need an applause from me, the viewer.

But I want to rant about the writers of the series.

Oh come on man ! Where do you think you were steering the boat? You made me watch the whole series for nothing? I want to rant.

What started as an interesting crime thriller turned out to be a stupid illogical romance saga between two confused souls who can draw strength only by hugging each other. And that too in the middle of something very important. And that too from a police officer who leaves behind everything to run to his lady love? Oh come on. It’s pretty hard to digest.

After a certain period, the story had gone haywire. In one scene the actor is running after the clue like a mad man and the very next scene he is cooning his Ashqki to his lady love. The story shows the antagonist to be a very powerful rich man but his end was so naive. I really felt I missed so much. On top of that you left the main plot unattended. The justice to the crime was not done. It showed it was so easy to get away with crime and it was even easier to commit one. Every other person was doing a crime and that too for money or for family. Do you want me to believe this? The Istanbul police department was shown with so much glitches that it seemed the country was ruled by mafia rather than the peace loving citizens.

And the most important part, how can you ask someone to give up passion for love? How can love be so demanding? If all the policeman and armed forces personnel think like this or have a girlfriend or wife like the character Elif only God can save them. The story portrayed the character Elif as the most confused, poking and attention seeker in the story. Why couldn’t she handle her own problems in the proper way in the first place and who does she think she is?? I still could not understand why all the other person in the series was after her – Angel faced. I wish I got something after wasting so much time on internet. Tyyar Dunnar – why was everyone after his kidney I don’t know. Every time he was shot it was always his renal organ getting hurt. Was it very difficult to give him a decent death through the justice to show the evil eventually is brought down. Why were all the fathers in the series shown in bad light? Was there never an end to it. Introducing a character and then killing him or her for no reason doesn’t invoke any thrill. All the bad things can be overcome by love and justice but not love alone. You got to pay your price. Getting away with three murders is not done and neither is getting away with other crimes.

Every story has a beginning, middle and an end. And that’s how you plot your story. This series had a terrific beginning, a very confused middle and an out of the box ending.

Engin Akyurek you disappointed me as Omer Demir. Hope to see you in a  more substantial role next time.


  “I was never a book reader, just how we have acquired taste, reading became an accidental hobby when I used to travel for almost an hour in Mumbai locals”

– Kaushal Mahesh Gupta

In the last “Chat n Coffee” session of the year 2016 we have with us one of the top book reviewers in Goodreads and an eminent book blogger Kaushal Mahesh Gupta whose blog Errors and Kaushal has been home to many books both from newbie and renowned authors.

Today he is going to share with us his journey and tips as a book reviewer.

  • Tell us about yourself
    Kaushal Mahesh Gupta

    I like to call myself a biodegradable human, who doesn’t believe in being pollution in some other human’s life. My bread & butter, when not on a diet, comes from being a digital marketing professional. I am an I.T graduate, like many others who followed the herd and like many others; I am a Cricket & Bollywood fan too.

  • What is your take on books/ movies/music? Any favorites?

I am of the opinion that every single book, every single movie and every single piece of music has something valuable that can add to our lives. They are not only a form of entertainment, but also a form of realization. A book can take you on a journey that you may never be able to be a part in your entire life. A movie can make you love and live the characters on screen, understand them and the humans, I never leave my logic and brain behind while watching a movie. Music, what do I tell! In my viewpoint they are best pill against a headache. It would be difficult to name only a few favourites, but biographies and autobiographies are my favourite in books, “Anurag Kashyap” is one of my favourite genres and I like every form of music, but I am trying to understand EDM.

  • Given a chance what one thing would you like to change in your life?

Nothing. If I would have had anything different in my life, maybe I would not have been answering this set of questions here. Whatever happens, happens for good. It’s only one life that we have, so we should live it the way it comes, unless one believes in reincarnation.

  • You have been reviewing books. What kind of books you usually love to read?

Yes, I am reviewing books actively for more than a year now, but I think I write more about the book instead of being a tough critic and getting into the nitty-gritty of the story. I prefer to read non-fiction, autobiographies and mythological fiction. Also, if you have a look at Errors And Kaushal, my book review blog, you will notice that I have read a lot of debut Indian authors and that’s because we should promote their work unlike popular authors who get backed by the publishing house in their marketing and advertisement efforts.

  • Indian book bloggers have made a very important presence in the publishing industry. Did you always wanted to be one of them?

    Yes, the book review bloggers are making the presence felt now and that’s all because of the ease of creating a blog/website and then reaching out to the blog readers. No, I never wanted to be a book blogger, it happened by chance when I first wrote about my experience of reading Raghu Ram’s debut Book, Raghu picked that up and shared with his followers and this kind of got me excited.


P.S:  I was never a book reader, just how we have acquired taste, reading became an accidental hobby when I used to travel for almost an hour in Mumbai locals, and I had nothing to do.

  • What was your feeling when you were first approached by an author or publisher as a book reviewer?

When I was first approached by an author, I had written only about two books on my blog. I was amazed at this incident of being asked to write about a book by the author and also excited to receive the book directly from the author.

  • As a book reviewer, what are the things that you consider while writing a review ?

I personally believe that no story is a bad story, and should be read for a perspective on living the characters and their lives. I look at the overall attempt of the writer in keeping me engaged with the story at some level or the other. It is all about the narration and the choice of words for me, and if the book is with minimum predictability than the author has won the reader in me.

  • What is your opinion on rating a book on a scale of five?

Ideally, the book should not be rated because for us it’s just another book, but for the author it was almost everything. Today, with the kind of book review mechanism and portals that have come up, the ratings have become an integral part of the review system. I rate them only when it is mandatory on platforms like Goodreads or Amazon, but I don’t rate a book on my book review blog, Errors And Kaushal.

  • Reviewing a book is a very critical task since it helps a reader to decide whether to read the particular book or not. Many book lovers are nowadays turning into book reviewers. What message would you like to give them?

Yes, it’s a very critical task because it is almost the make or break for the book. My message to fellow book bloggers would be, “We should appreciate the story and writing more than the author or publication house it comes from as there are many self published authors who are writing great stuff but are away from the readers world because they don’t have enough marketing or advertising budgets. If possible, do help them in creating awareness about their debut books.”

  • With so many books publishing every day, what do you expect from an author or a publisher regarding reviewing books?

I expect them to be more organized and when I say more organized, what I mean is that they should handpick book bloggers who write more often about the genre of their book. They should be open to honest reviews and should not ask for a positive review right away, because the book goes out to the book blogger for free. Remember a book blogger also puts in equal efforts to read the book and then write about it so no unjust expectations like the review should be made live within 3 days, no negative comment, mandatory post on Amazon, etc… As most of the book bloggers themselves understand the importance of a review on Goodreads and E-Com sites.

  • And now in the end, how can the readers and others contact you.

I am just a tweet away; I can be reached at @gupta_kaushal. I am active on all social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Goodreads. The readers can connect with me via my Book Review Blog, Errors And Kaushal at

Today in CHAT ‘n’ COFFEE we have with us one of the most popular BOOK REVIEWER from Australia JODY ELLIS. She is one of the thirty top users on Goodreads and an avid reader. Her choice of books range from science fiction, fantasy, biography, autobiographies, history, science, self help, educational, romance, fiction, non-fiction, how to, business, real estate, horror, mystery, thriller and young adult. In short, hers is a world of books and she loves discovering new stories. An aspiring writer herself, Jody shares some of her life’s most beautiful moments with us today.

Her contact details are mentioned at the end for you and you can also leave your comment at the end. Here she goes-

  • Tell us about yourself.
    Western Australian desert
    Western Australian desert

    I am a 30 year old Shetland Island (Scotland, U.K) born mum to two kids under the age of six. I am an avid artist, reader, and writer myself (though I have yet to publish anything). I work as a scientist by day, and by night tuck myself away to read. I love hanging out in my hammock to read. I currently live in the middle of the Western Australian desert living next to the biggest open pit mine in the world! Living where I do, mean I don’t have as much access to books as I’d like. I’d love to be a well-respected book reviewer and feel I am making head-way on that ‘life goal’!

  • What gift would you prefer on your birthday?images

No cooking, no chores, and as much chocolate and pizza as I can eat. If I’m really greedy, a massage too!

  • Which is your favorite destination and why?

I haven’t found my absolute favorite but I do love to frequent Bali, because the people there with their attitude to life rub off on me, and I always come back refreshed, and a whole new person. Plus the food is just amazing!

  • What is your take on books/ movies/music? Any favorites?

I am not huge on music, if anything goes in the CD player it’s normally an audio book. I like music if I’m working out, or if I want to feel a particular way when writing myself. Movies I find great muses, I draw inspiration and confidence from movies, there isn’t much I haven’t watched. I have never enjoyed a movie made based on a book though. They always confine it to so many minutes of movie time, and they miss a heap or ruin the whole thing. Books are my world! I wasindex delayed developmentally at school, so was a late reader. Once I worked it out though? You couldn’t keep me away from books. All my pocket money as a kid thirteen and under went on a book series called ‘Animal Farm’ I think it was. It is a fantastic story series about a girl who rescued animals. I started to illustrate and write as soon as I got a hold of a pencil. After moving to Australia, I tried to get my books published. Alas, finances always got in the way (or should I say lack thereof?). I still have those books, and the worlds I created. When the kids are older, it would be my dream to self-publish these books!

  • What is that one thing that you miss so much in life?

Absolutely nothing, if there is something to be missed, I have no idea what it is, and I’m blissfully unaware. Though if my imagination has anything to do with it, I’d say I miss being able to eat as much chocolate as a mine truck can haul. Those were the days! Now I look at a chocolate bar and I gain weight!

  • Share an experience that is turning point in your life.

Meeting my husband. I was a very lost unwell kid, and was self-destructing for the better part of aged 15 right through to my early 20s. Meeting my husband gave me grounding, and ever since, he’s been my rock and turned my life around and I’m happy, healthy, and balanced.

  • How would you describe your better half or dearest person?

My best friend! We are total opposites and that is what makes us work. He’s never boring, and he isn’t afraid to tell me if my idea is silly. We act like kids, we dream big. He brings things into my life that I would never have experienced without him. If you’d asked me ten years ago if I’d be married to a speedway racer, I’d have laughed so hard I might have farted. He’s also the guy I love to hate; I just want to smash his head into a wall some days. But that makes him even more lovable in a weird twisted way.

  • Given a chance, what is that one thing that you would love to change in your life?

Publishing my works when I was very young! If my parents had financed me, or needing a solicitor wasn’t important, I could have got my books published. I was always so damned close, and couldn’t get over the line. I wonder where I would images1be today if I had crossed the line and got my books printed. What a bloody fantastic world that could be! Instead I’m 30 and still waiting for that window of opportunity. Age has given me dead weights for legs, and I don’t fly anymore. I don’t have that imagination I once did because reality waltzed in and smashed me with a ticket for adulthood. I’m slowly but surely clawing that back, but if I’d been published, I don’t think that part of me would have ever died!

  • Any message that you would like to give to the readers?

Do whatever it takes to make what you want happen, and don’t let go. The world is vast, so love it, learn from it, and always carry a good book with you wherever you go!

Jody Ellis
Jody Ellis

Contact Jody Ellis  @ Goodreads

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