Paromita Goswami

2019 has been a very memorable journey for me both professionally as well as personally. Professionally I got the chance to participate in a few literary Meet and Kids Carnival. Also I got a chance to perform based on my voice. Personally, the year has been a milestone in my life.  I was blessed with some of the most beautiful moments of my life. I have seen the work of art on paper coming to existence in structure formation in the real world. A dream come true. Emotionally I am satisfied with the progress in which the structure is shaping up eventually. So without wasting time lets unravel the mystery.


I was invited for storytelling in Kids’ Carnival 2019 organized by Vichakshan Jain Vidyapeeth. I got an opportunity to share stories from my books Grow Up Messy! and The Santa’s Gift.


Students of the school




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