Vishal Bheeroo

Book Review: The Clockmaker

Author: Paromita Goswami

Rating: Four stars

Theme: Supernatural, suspense and paranormal

Publisher: Ficus India Books

The clockmaker.
Image credit: Paromita Goswami/Facebook.



What if you possessed a prized error-proof clock laden with mystery and tampering with it would wring misfortune? Paromita Goswami’s The Clockmaker is a good yarn of a story, offering heart-pounding narration, sending an adrenaline rush as time is toggled in not only altering destiny but an attempt to create two uniquely different worlds in the present scenario. The theme of possessiveness, greed and destruction is explored in a spiritual and subconscious manner as Karma looms large in the form of a shadow, never failing to put its protagonists in a fire trial.  The Clockmaker addresses several questions plaguing humans and fiction offers an answer to questions seers explained through their wisdom for decades and something obliterated by humans in their quest for…

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