Paromita Goswami

And finally the book is availbleon Amazon.

3 years of making and timeless anxiety that still persists. Writing for an author is more than writing. It’s a religion they follow out of their passion. They don’t have to yet they do. It gives them push to drive on – more uphill the better as in terms of plots. A writer’s mind is always weaving plots. Even a vague idea can create a 50,000 words book. And I am not kidding.

Since my arrival in the central part of India I have been travelling to lot of jungles, meeting the native in their natural environment. Even the royals here are connected to the jungles in a way. It’s like they all belong here. The urbanisation around is just a camouflage, to hide the actual world they are part of. Very territorial and secretive.  And that’s how they are at their best…

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