Paromita Goswami

My first post this year is a Gyan Varsha. Hope you relate to it.

So I was teaching Algebra to my son. This is his first time with the subject and he is also taking a keen interest in it. I am enjoying it too because at school it happened to be my favorite chapter in Mathematics. All you have to do is just understand the grouping to solve the riddle. It is fun, Algebra.

Apart from the fun, this time I saw the algebraic expression in a different manner. Somewhere I could relate it with our own identity. Lols. I know you might be smiling back at my words but there is one. Let me show you how.

According to the rules of Algebra,

When there is no constant with a variable in an algebraic expression, then it is considered to be 1

Ex:  x2y5  has…

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