Paromita Goswami

“A clock fixed by us never stops working.”

                                                                            – Ashish Raj Gupta

Let’s welcome Ashish Raj Gupta, the protagonist of the book THE CLOCKMAKER, to our hot seat today.

(A man in his early forties enters nervously folding his hands and takes the seat)

Q: Hello Ashish, how have you been?

Ashish: Feeling better now. Thank you. (Looks around)

Q:  You are a very passionate clockmaker. Did you always know that you will take on your family legacy?

Ashish: I grew up listening to the stories of valor of clock making from my Biji and grandfather. From antique timepiece to modern watches we have fixed them all successfully. A saying goes, “A clock fixed by us never stops working.” We are one of the affluent families in the community.

I could never imagine myself in any other profession.

Q: That’s amazing. Does your son too wish to join this…

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