Title: Take One Fake Fiancé

Author: Reet Singh

Introducing Tanay – the irresistible hero in Reet Singh’s Take One Fake Fiancé

If the car was any indication, detectives must make a lot of money. Mita couldn’t help but admire the comfortable and tasteful interior, but then Tanay changed a gear, his hand brushing her thigh, and she got distracted by the man – by his sheer physical presence.

He looked quite the demigod – the casual outfit showed off tanned skin, and the tight t-shirt highlighted well-toned muscles. Damp, ebony black hair curled about his ears – locks of it falling over a prominent brow made him look boyish and affable; however, an aquiline nose, the thick arching brows, and a firm, square, bearded jaw all totaled up to dangerous.

She turned her gaze away. He wasn’t a demigod, he was a pirate and she’d do well to remember that. The beard added weight to the pirate theory and she steeled herself against feeling any curiosity whatsoever.

About the book

The Blurb

Mita Ramphul is single and fancy-free – and she wants to stay that way for the foreseeable future. Living and working on the idyllic island of Mauritius is the stuff dreams are made of – until she bumps into a man who threatens to destroy it all.

Tanay Devkumar is cynical and shuttered – events in his past have cast a long and deep shadow. Convinced that Mita Ramphul represents a threat to his sister’s happiness, he seeks her out, determined to block her nefarious plans.

They meet in circumstances that can only be described as hostile – suspicions abound and resentments flare on both sides, even as attraction simmers beneath the surface. A series of disastrous events follow and they are compelled to pretend that they are in love and wish to marry.

It is meant to be a temporary engagement – but will Mita be able to resist her fake fiancé or will his scorching kisses make her yearn for something more permanent?


Originally published as “Scorched by His Fire” by Harlequin India, 2014

Take One Fake Fiancé is a refurbished, revamped, remodelled, updated version of Scorched and will soon be available on Kindle

The Cover





That’s Mita and Tanay on the cover.

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