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M3_06260Today, I have another prolific indie author with me. Paromita Goswami’s books and short stories cover multiple genres. She’s also active in the indie author community, making sure that all self published authors get the attention that they deserve on social media. Let’s find out more about her.

Sue: Thanks for joining us today.

You’re a multi-genre author. Tell us what made you start writing in each genre. Which genre is your favourite to write?

Paromita: Thanks for the interview, Sue.

I am glad you addressed me as a multi-genre author. Sounds very good actually. So far, I have written literary fiction, a children’s book and paranormal too. Frankly, all the genres have their own set of readers.  I would be very lucky if I have the same readers for all of my books.  But it’s not always possible. However, I do consider myself lucky that my readers have accepted…

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