“to keep me occupied she gave me a piece of paper an asked me to write a story.  I wrote one and she loved it a lot. ” – Sai Daksh


Today on my blog I have a very young author Sai Daksh, only 13 years old (but a big boy sai-dakshnow). He debuted with The Diamond Heist (A Seven Agent Adventure) in the year 2017. Sai has big dreams and today he is going to share with us his writing journey so far.

  • How does it feel to be called as an author at your age? What do your friends say about your book?

It feels good. My friends say that the book is very interesting and they loved reading it.

  • It is not possible for any of us to inch forward without a support in the family. So who is your pillar of strength in the family?

Although all my family members support me, I feel that I am the Pillar of Strength for myself.

  • How did writing happen to you?

Honestly, I started writing when I was six years old and from then I have been writing

Mom narrates a very interesting anecdote. She says that in my earlier school in Bangalore where I studied only for the first grade, we kids used to be taken to the library for reading books and I believe the librarian once saw me loitering around and asked me why I wasn’t reading. I said that I had read most of the titles that were allowed for my class and just to keep me occupied she gave me a piece of paper an asked me to write a story.  I wrote one and she loved it a lot. She was the one who told my parents that I could write very well. Later I started making small comic strips and giving it to my friends. In my creative writing activity for English language I wold write stories based on prompts and be praised for them. So I then thought I should try and write a bigger story and started writing. I still have two half written stories in my mother’s laptop from even before the Diamond Heist.

·         About your book, The Diamond Heist (A Seven Agent Adventure), tell us about your source of inspiration?

As far as I can recall, I actually never had any source of inspiration for writing The Diamond Heist. The story just came in my dream one night and I decided to pen it down. I also wanted to create a story with my friends as characters in it.

·         Are your writing /planning your next book? What is it all about? How soon is it going to be released?

Yes. I am currently writing my next book but it is not a sequel to The Diamond Heist. It is completely different. It is called “The Death Ray”. It is a Fantasy set in the 31ST Century when the galaxy is run over by a completely different race.  I am 9000 words into it and I have a feeling that I shall complete it in the next 6 months. I want to self publish it on Amazon.

·         Since you are a student, how do you balance your homework and fiction writing?

There is nothing special to balance both. I study and play in the day and at night from 9 or 9:30 pm to 10:30 pm, I do my other extra-curricular activities like writing, gaming and video making.

·         What is your favorite subject in school?

In school, my favorite subjects are Maths and Science but I prefer Science more.

·         Tell us any incident in your school that you have used in your book or planning to?

To be honest, I haven’t used any incidents from real life but only the characters and their personalities are from real life.

·         There are many aspiring writers of your age. What is the message you want to give them?

“Think about your biggest failure or humiliation. It would keep giving you energy to write more and prove to the world that you are the best.”

·         And at last, any message for your readers.

Never Give Up.

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