Title:  Breathing Two Worlds34914236

Author: Ruchira Khanna

Genre : Drama

StoryNeena Arya, a Delhi-born goes abroad for further studies and decides to settle down there. Determined to be a ‘somebody’ from a ‘nobody’ she blends with the Americans via the accent and their mannerisms while having a live-in relationship with her European boyfriend, Adan Somoza.

When illness hits home, Neena rushes to meet her ailing dad. Tragedy strikes and amidst the mingling with relatives and friends, she finds herself suffocated with the two different cultures that she has been breathing since she moved to the United States. How will she strike a balance between both the cultures as she continues to support her widowed mother? Will she be able to do justice to her personal and professional life after the loss?

Amidst the adjusting she bonds with an ally and learns about ties beyond blood. On what grounds will she be able to form an invisible thread that she has longed for since childhood?

Breathing Two Worlds ventures into cultures and ethnicity allowing Neena to ponder upon her foundation and priorities.

My Take:  This is my first time I am reading this author. She has a terrific way of penning stories woven with emotions and drama. Breathing two worlds is more of a story of anyone living away from home, trying to make up with the two worlds. Our country itself is so vast that with topography everything changes right from dialect to cuisines to clothing and above all the way of life. Sometimes, some advantages somewhere becomes bane somewhere else and it becomes very difficult to fit in. Yet people tend to migrate to make their life better.

The story set in US travels to India and then back keeps the reader hooked till the end. I could really feel the pain Neena went through after losing her father due to wrong treatment. But the way she finds solace is something to read out for.

Recommended for anyone who enjoys reading contemporary fiction drama