Title: Tumhari Sulu

Director: Suresh Triveni

Cast: Vidya Balan, Manav Kaul, Neha Dhupia

Genre: Comedy – Drama

Story:  Happy-go-lucky Sulochana (fondly known as Sulu), a suburban Mumbai housewife, lives with her husband, Ashok, a sales manager in a traditional company that sells uniforms, and their 11-year-old son, Pranav. Sulu keeps herself entertained through the day, which includes listening to her favorite radio station and taking part in every possible contest. Sulu breezes through life with a fun and candid never-say-never attitude. On a day like any other, Sulu ends up winning a pressure cooker through a radio contest that she has taken part in. Little does she know that her trip to the radio station is about to change her life. In an unexpected turn of events, she lands a job of an RJ (radio jockey). She is no ordinary RJ for she is made to anchor a night show, which involves chatting with peculiars, strangers and lonely souls. A husband in constant battle at a mid-level job, a precocious child who is up to something alarmingly strange in school, and a woman who unpredictably stumbles into the world of radio . Seasoned with music, humour and quirk, Tumhari Sulu witnesses the everyday grit of a housewife, a marriage put to test and a world that struggles to see the beauty of a so-called ‘simple, ordinary life’. From the team of Neerja, comes a charming slice-of-life family feature, which will warm the cockles of your heart.

My Take:  I am her fan.

Since her days in music albums I loved watching her. And then Parineeta happened. Vidya Balan portrays a typical middle class woman with ease and brilliance. And that’s the chord which connects her to many like me. I have watched all her movies, blockbusters, flops, average and she had always stood out of the league for me. Because it had always been the plot that attracted me first. So her choice of scripts had been up to my liking. From a girl in her early twenties she has gracefully transformed into a  woman and has still been winning hearts. God bless her.

Sigh! I can go on and on about her but have to write about her new release – Tumhari Sulu. Its about a simple housewife and her dreams. Before I even start about the movie let me take you to the conversation between a husband and a wife.

Husband: What is the point of  job when you already have one at home? Taking care of the family is a big responsibility.

Wife: I have been doing that for so many years . Now this job sounds like a good opening for me. And moreover the kids are old enough to take care of themselves. And moreover I am not resigning from my responsibilities for this job.

Husband: See I don’t want any problem in our life because of this decision of yours. I am already earning well for all of us.

Wife: Its not about money and you know that. Its just that now I have lot of time in hand and I can use it in a better way.

Husband: Do whatever you feel like.  By the way how much are they going to pay ?

Wife: I have not negotiated yet.

Husband: Great! Don’t come crying to me after a month. (He leaves the room with a cunning smile on his face.)

Wife: (Sighs!) first round over.

A few days into her new job and she learns things real fast. The best part her work is appreciated by her employers. But sadly her home front  gets affected and eventually she had give up on her dreams once more.

Well sounds like a typical story of any middle class housewife but Tumhari Sulu is entirely different. Its more like eating a poppadom – crackles when you take a bite and melts into your mouth. Tumhari Sulu is just like that.

It crackles you with laughter when you least expect it and melts your heart too. The scene when Sulu submits her resignation to Maria cannot be expressed in words. The lady actually used her smile and eyes to emote while she delivered the dialogues.

I shall not talk more about the movie. Tumhari Sulu is a home maker’s story – her aspirations, her responsibilities, her guilt  and her biggest support, her family.

Go for it if you want to see a breezy real life story.

PS: The husband wife dialogue does not belong to any movie. Its purely my imagination.