Paromita Goswami

“Grow Up Messy! – Dedicated to the B.S.F father’s who crave to watch their child grow.”


1st December is celebrated as the B.S.F raising day. This year, the organization completed 51st years of service to the nation. Although when I had written this article it was supposed to be published on the 1st of December but I am a week late now. However, my sentiments for the people in this organization has scaled a new height with my new book, Grow Up Messy! releasing worldwide on all online ebook platforms. I am very proud to dedicate my new book to the B.S.F personnel.

Grow Up Messy!, is a children e-book for the middle grade and above. It’s a family read set in the early eighties. This book captures the essence of childhood through the eyes of a naughty five-year-old girl Misry alias Messy. As a paramilitary, Border Security Force (B.S.F)…

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