this book has ignited the ‘KINDNESS’ in me

How have you felt when some fine day you plan to go back from your work on-time but as soon as you are all set to go…you are expected to go through a file which needs your attention? Feeling somewhat irritated? Ok… let’s take a step deeper. Now, you know that this could have been taken care of either tomorrow or maybe you could just continue working as per your office schedule but at least not today; still, your boss (or say your vendor) expects your immediate attention into the matter. Feeling bit frustrated? Accepted… let’s move a step ahead…

Just when you are set into the matter in hand, your junior expects you for some important task in hand. I am sure you would feel like pushing him out of the cabin… but the drama doesn’t ends here… While you are working out a solution within the confines of your neurons you receive a call from your spouse who is waiting for you with kids since past couple of hours….. I understand…at present, you must be feeling to hit me hard…READ MORE IN THE LINK

Source: Book Review: Shamsuddin’s Grave; Author – Paromita Goswami, Publisher: Partridge India