Nil Battey Sannata is a proverb which means when there is no hope.

Movie – Nil Battey Sannata

Cast – Swara Bhaskar, Ratna Pathak

Director – Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari

My rating – unnamedunnamedunnamedunnamed

My Take  – What would you do if things do not fall in your favor? Will you stop trying or wait for things to happen?

This movie is a typical example of none of the above options. This film clearly gives a message Where There Is A Will There Is A Way. Inspired by real life incident partially, the movie is a salute to motherhood according to me. It’s all about how a mother even with all her faults can inspire her child and shape up her daughter’s future against all odd.
The story is about a maid, Chanda played by Swara Bhaskar, who dreams of making her daughter successful person in life, unlike herself. Raising a child single handedly is in itself very difficult but she faces all challenges and dreams big for her daughter always. On the other hand, her daughter thinks more practically and dreams of becoming a governess or a maid in future like her mother and gives a big set back to her mother’s only dream.
The movie is all about how the mother takes it up as a challenge and inspires her daughter to dream big in spite of all the financial challenges and achieve it.
Must watch for real time inspiring movies. Both Ratna Pathak and Swara Bhaskara need a big round of applauses for their work and special mention is the debutant director, Ashwiny Iyer Tiwari, who had never left the chord of the script and kept everything simple and realistic.