The house was gleaming with colorful lights and laughter. Pallavi Mashi’s D day was just few hours away. Guests from far and near had already arrived to attend the numerous pre-wedding ceremonies. Misry was sharing the big bamboo bed with her other aunts who had come for the wedding. She heard all that was discussed among the women. They were talking about the gift that they would be giving to the newlywed couple. Some flaunt the golden ear studs, some the gold chain, some silk saree and many more. When it was Madhavi’s turn, she said she would be gifting a T.V set.

There was silence in the room. T.V was still a distant dream for many household at that time. Many including Misry’s cousins had never seen a T.V before. Misry got the opportunity as they had a T.V set in their Officer’s Mess where Daddy would sometimes go to watch NEWS or matches with other officers in the Camp.

“A T.V?” one of them said.

Madhavi nodded.

“Good Lord! I have never seen one in my life! Lucky Pallavi.” One of the ladies said.

“It must be Anurag’s suggestion. Only he can think about it.” Another lady added.

Madhavi smiled at them. “Actually Anurag had been thinking about it lately. So we got one for Baba too and one for Pallavi.” She added.

“Hey did you say we have two T.Vs at this very moment in the house!” The lady asked.

Madhavi nodded,

“Ahhaa…What are we waiting for. Come on let’s go and see then.” The lady said.

The room was vacant in a second.


“Don’t move it now. Yes, a little to the left. No …No…Just a little right. Okay!” Nilesh was shouting from the window.

Anurag was on top of the roof doing the T.V antenna.

-Good evening! The news read by ……..

All eyes were glued to the T.V. It was a different experience to WATCH somebody reading news. They were used to hearing it on radio. Everybody started clapping.  Soma served Rasogulla to everybody in the house. The news was followed by Chitrahaar and other episodes. Everybody in the house was glued to the T.V set that evening. Nobody interacted with each other anymore. They just watched the idiot box without any second thoughts. It was going very difficult for Dida to call everyone back to work.

“It is a bane than boon” the old lady thought.

Everybody was all praise for Anurag who had come down to join the pre wedding ceremonies in the house. Most excited were the children. They fought with each other to sit in the front of the T.V.


Two days later

Pallavi Mashi’s D-Day arrived. Since morning the house was on fire. In those days, all the ceremonies were held in the house rather than in Bhibah Bhawan. That was another reason of the house being on fire. Everybody was assigned a job to do and they were trying to do the best before the groom’s side marched in for the wedding.

Pallavi Mashi had been busy since morning with all the rituals along with the other married ladies in the house. The children never left her side. They made sure they were part of each and every ceremony in the house.

Now when it comes to ceremony, the ladies just don’t participate like that. Every occasion needed a new sari and dress up. And it was not just limited to ladies even the little girls loved flaunting their new dresses.

There was a hidden rivalry among the cousins, “Who looks the best!” They never left any chance to be near the bride and made sure all the pictures clicked had them in a new pose and new dress.

Finally evening arrived and Pallavi Mashi was all dressed up for her wedding. She looked no less than a princess in a red Banarasi sari. Bengali marriage has a ritual where the groom stays over the night at the bride’s place on the wedding night and leaves the next day evening with his new bride for his home. So the room where the newly wedded couple will take rest after the wedding is one of the main attractions in the Bengali weddings.

Pallavi’s room was also decorated that evening and so was the big queen sized bed with embroidered bedcovers and cushions. Long chains of Rajanigandha hung from the four posters of the bed in various designs making it look like a bed of flowers.

Pallavi sat in the middle of the bed along with some of her friends and cousins like an elegant princess. It was her day and everybody came to meet her there showering their blessings and good wishes for a beautiful married life ahead. This is always a big moment for any bride when she is the center of attraction. But Pallavi Mashi’s moments were short lived.

Misry came running in the room and declared she would be sitting on her Mashi’s lap. The twins retaliated immediately. In less than a second the little girls were fighting like cats, scratching each other, calling names and pulling each other’s hair. Obviously the winner gets to sit in the bride’s lap. And they were doing it right in front of the guests in the room. Pallavi Mashi was so embarrassed that she eventually agreed to accommodate all the three in her lap. The girls made sure none moved down from her lap no matter how uncomfortable Pallavi Mashi was. The poor bride had to meet everybody with the three kids in her lap.

Although she had a smile on her face but thought all the while, “When will you GROW UP MESSY!!”



26 stories in 26 days. I am attempting very very short stories series with GROW UP MESSY – The sweet sour story of a 5 year old girl. Follow my blog for the next story of Messy.

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