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Misry opened her eyes to a different world, a world of cozy living among the nature with numerous trees making up the view from the small windows in the room. She was sleeping on a bamboo bed big enough to fit in four or five adults. She heard the animals outside, all different sounds. She jumped out of her bed and Lo! Her feet touched the mud flooring. She had never seen that before. The previous night due to no electricity she didn’t had time to inspect much. But in the broad daylight everything here seemed so different.

Rather UNUSUAL too because she could now see two differnt girls with the same face peeping in the room from two different windows. She turned to Madhavi who was unpacking her bag.

“Ma who are the girls, peeping in the room?” Misry asked.

“Dia and Ria, your cousins.”

“But they look alike?” Misry asked.

“That’s because they are identical twins.” Madhavi replied.

“What are identical twins?” Misry asked.

“When God makes two people from the same mould, they become identical twins.” Madhavi replied.

Misry started thinking of the mould. She had seen Ma use one such mould  to bake cookies. They all looked the same. She looked back at the girls and again asked her mother.

But how will I know who is who?” Misry asked.

“Even I am confused. You should ask Raju. He will tell you.” Madhavi replied.

Misry looked back at both the girls. They wore the same color, same pattern and same design frock. Even their pony tail looked the same. Misry was surprised.

The girls came over to her.

“So you are Messy! Raju told us about you. You don’t know swimming and cannot climb trees.” They sang in chorus.

“Who says? I have learnt it now. You want to see?” Misry answered confidently.

“No Ma will beat us. Girls should not climb trees. You can hurt your limbs. And those scratch marks will remain forever. Even on your Wedding Day.” The girls said.

Misry shrugged. “But who is getting married now?” She asked.

“Why, don’t you want to get married one day like Pallavi Pishi?” They asked.

“Yes but she is so big. And why do you call her Pishi. She is Mashi.” Misry corrected them.

Jah! Father’s sister is Pishi and mother’s sister is Mashi. You see our father is your mother’s brother. So your mother is our Pishi too.”

“Good! I am learning new things here. Thank you. So what are your names?” She asked.

“Dia Ria” They replied in chorus.

“But who is who. You both look same to me.”

The girls laughed. “Everyone says so but you know we have lots of difference. See I am Dia, the elder one, she is Ria the younger one. I love chocolates, Ria doesn’t. I can hold my breath for long time she cannot. I can make good sketches she cannot. I love dogs she doesn’t.” Dia said.

“I love hot n spicy food she doesn’t, I love reading comics she doesn’t, I love singing she doesn’t and I love cats she doesn’t.” Ria said.

“That’s fine, but you look same. How will I know?” Misry asked.

We will tell you the secret, “Ria has a mole on her right hand. I don’t have.” Dia said. “Other than that it is very difficult to say who is who. Even Bapi gets confused sometimes.”

“I also have a secret.”Misry whispered. “Ma is getting a Talking Doll for me very soon. I think it will be my lookalike.”

“A talking doll! Wow! We have never seen one before. Will you let us play with it?” The girls said.

Misry thought for a while, “Hmm. Okay! But you will be in my team always.”

The girls nodded.

“You have to cross your heart and swear.”

“We cross our heart and swear we are in your team.”

“Great! You can now play with the Talking Doll whenever you want.” MIsry replied.

“Yeahhh! But when is Pishi bringing the talking doll for you?”

“Very soon, she had said. I will ask again.”

“Fine you can play with our doll till then but it is just a simple doll.” The girls said.

“That’s Okay! Let’s go then.”


Later in the day

Misry was taking a tour of her Dadu’s big estate. She loved to see the greenery around and so many animals, the rooster, the chicks, the ducks in the pond, the cat sleeping all day and the dogs following her everywhere. She saw Dadu working in the garden with Runu.

Didibhai see what I got for you?” Dadu said to Misry.

The old man handed her three four jujubes. There were quite big and very sweet to taste. She quickly finished them all and asked for more. Dadu gave her few more and he packed the rest neatly in his basket. Misry saw that and knew that the rest were packed for the other stake holders. A spark of jealousy ignited within her.

She continued to follow the old man. He took her to two date palm trees and showed two earthen pots tied on top of the tree.

Didibhai see that? Tomorrow I will give you an excellent drink that you have never tasted before. It is date palm juice.” He said pointing to the pot.

Misry nodded. Aware that the excellent drink will be evenly distributed among all the stake holders again.

Then she visited their hen pen. There lay couple of eggs. Dadu showed her how to differentiate between the duck’s and hen’s egg. She was thrilled to know that even duck lay eggs.

“You eat omelets today and taste the difference yourself,  Didibhai.” Dadu said lovingly.

She went to the pond and saw Pallavi Mashi and Raju swimming.

“Messy! Wanna join us?” Raju shouted.

Misry shook her head as she knew she can’t swim. But the water was so tempting. She thought of giving it a try. She ran home to bring her towel and clothes.

When she returned, Dia and Ria were already in the water. Misry felt bad as she was the only one who couldn’t swim.  The spark inside flamed a little more.


Later in the evening.

“Come on we are already late for Kapil Mama’s house. Don’t forget there are four more houses to cover in the same lane.” Surabhi said.

“I am ready.” Madhavi declared. Misry stood right beside her. They were waiting for Soma and her girls. “Here we are.” The girls declared in chorus.

Misry was dazzled to see the girls. They were looking so damn cute in the pink floral frock, their hair neatly done in a pony tail with a pink floral hair band and a pair of matching La ballerina shoes to go along.  As if that was not enough they also carried a small vanity bag across their shoulder. They looked every bit picture perfect beauty compared to the tom cat look of her.

For the first time in her life, Misry faced the self esteem crisis. All these years she had befriended mostly boys and met girls who were tomboyish just like her but here she was meeting two beautiful girls right out of picture postcard. She looked for place to hide.

The entire trip she was glued to Madhavi to avoid seen with them so that nobody dared compared her with them.

Madhavi wondered what was wrong with her and prayed, “GROW UP MESSY!!”



Bapi- father               Didibhai – Grandchild


26 stories in 26 days. I am attempting very very short stories series with GROW UP MESSY – The sweet sour story of a 5 year old girl. Follow my blog for the next story of Messy.

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