13076966-Illustration-of-girl-cycling-white-background-Stock-Vector-cartoon-cycling-bike“Honey, is this your birthday gift?” Misry asked eyeing with envy.

“Yeah!” The boy said taking pride on his new bicycle.

“You see, Messy! My folks say I have grown up now and hence should not ride kid bicycle anymore.”

Misry looked at her kid bicycle with contempt. But she didn’t give up. She too wanted a bicycle like his but knew well that Daddy won’t buy unless she showed him that she was old enough for it.

“But can you balance on the two wheels? I don’t think so.” She said mockingly.

“I may not know now but will soon learn it. So what?” Honey replied with attitude.

“We will see.” Misry laughed.

Honey paddled his bicycle but could not keep up the balance and fell down on the road.

“You will need my help Honey!” Misry said indifferently.  “I can support your bicycle from the back while you do the balance.” Misry offered.

Honey thought about it then agreed. So Misry kept running behind pushing the bicycle while Honey brushed his skills on balancing on the two wheels. But the poor fellow kept falling down.

Misry made a suggestion. “Honey I have an idea. Why don’t you practice in my bicycle? It has side support so you will have no tension of falling down.”

Honey thought of it as a good idea. He gave her his brand new bicycle and started practicing in her worn down kid bicycle. Nevertheless it helped him making balance on two wheels without the fear of falling down and getting hurt.

Misry meanwhile got the opportunity to take a ride on the brand new bicycle. She rode it in such a way that her feet touched the ground and she was actually walking the cycle rather paddling it. This way she didn’t had the fear of falling down and she was riding the big bicycle too. She was happy doing that.

Meanwhile Honey tried his luck on her cycle and lo! He lost his balance there too.

“Messy! I think I will be better off on mine. After all it is better I practice on my bicycle.”

Misry quickly got off.

Once again she started supporting his cycle by running along. This time Honey covered a good distance and gained confidence. It continued for few hours and Misry kept running behind.

She went home very tired that day.


“What happened Sweetie? You are sleepy so early.” Madhavi asked.

“Ma I have been practicing cycling today.” Misry lied. She didn’t want them to know that she was running behind Happy’s cycle all the eveing. She also didn’t want then to know of her intentions buying a new bicycle.

“Okay dear. Go to bed then.”

Misry waited for her Daddy to accompany her to bed. It was a routine she followed. She had the habit of hearing a bed time story from Anurag. And Anurag took it as spending quality time with her. He would give her lessons on morality or grooming along with storytelling sessions.

Anurag went along with her but before he could complete his story she was asleep.

“Strange the girl didn’t wait to hear how Feluda found the thief.” Anurag said to Madhavi.

“Yes. She looked very tired today. I wondered what game she played in the playground.”

Being the only daughter Misry surely enjoyed lots of liberty but her parents were very strict when it came to make demands. Anurag made sure his little girl was well versed with her needs and wants, like in this case, she might want a bicycle but she wasn’t really in need of it.  Anurag and Madhavi taught her to earn things rather than make demand.

Next evening also the same thing was repeated. She was pretty tired and went off to sleep early. Anurag and Madhavi were little worried now. When she woke up in the morning they asked her if she was not feeling well but she was chirping like a bird and looked fresh as morning air.

A week passed and Anurag could never complete his bedtime story. The next day was Sunday and Anurag was free in the evening. He thought of finding the truth behind Misry’s tiredness. He followed her to the playground without her knowledge.

He saw Misry and Honey with his brand new big bicycle. Honey started paddling and Misry ran behind giving support. Honey fell down, then got back on the seat and started riding again. While all the time Misry kept running behind supporting the balance.

Anurag’s eyes were wet to see his daughter struggling so much. But what he didn’t understand was what was she getting by doing this? She could have easily rode her bicycle instead and have all the fun. He didn’t have to wait long.

Mrs. Singh called for Honey and he went home immediately. His bicycle was with Misry. As soon as he left Misry rode his bicycle and that too without falling down. She had been practicing it whenever Honey left the bicycle with her.

Since she was doing it stealthily she knew she had very limited time and that too until Honey returned. Once he was back, she had to run after his bicycle. With sheer dedication and focus she quickly learnt balancing on two wheels without support unlike Honey, who took easy. She took full two rounds of the play ground before she saw Anurag.

“Daddy did you see that?” Misry shouted excitedly.

“Yes dear. I am so proud of you my girl.” Anurah shouted back.

“Daddy now I can buy big bicycle?”

Anurag nodded. “Whenever you say dear!!”

Next day Anurag and Misry went to the market and bought a new big bicycle.

In the evening, she rode her bicycle to Honey’s house and shouted, “Honey!! Want to go cycling!!”

Honey came out of his house and was zapped to see Misry’s new bicycle.

Later at dinner table Anurag asked Misry why she had not told him about the bicycle earlier.

Misry replied, “I wanted to make my WANT my NEED Daddy.”

Madhavi looked at her daughter with pride and said, “You have GROWN UP MESSY!!”




26 stories in 26 days. I am attempting very very short stories series with GROW UP MESSY – The sweet sour story of a 5 year old girl. Follow my blog for the next story of Messy.

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