“Misry! Have you kept your Tiffin box?”Madhavi asked from the kitchen.

“Yes Ma.” Misry replied.

She ran to her mother and planted a peck on her cheek before going to board her school bus. Madhavi watched her from the verandah. Her little girl had grown up.

Misry had started school. Luckily she got admission in the same school as Honey and Boney. It was the only English medium school in the city and most of the children from the campus went to that school.

The school was in the city about twenty kilometers away from the campus. The Head Quarter had allotted a vehicle which served as the school bus and ferried the students to the school and back. Interestingly the vehicle was more like the police van used to ferry the convicts. It had iron grills on both the sides to serve as windows and had only one exit and entry gate at the rear of the van. The children sat facing each other inside the vehicle.

Misry had the habit of befriending children older to her and that too mostly boys. This had a plus point as well as a negative point too. Plus point was, she was always part of the gang. And negative, she being the youngest was always looked down upon. Quite often Misry had physical fight with the boys. But most of the fight she lost as they were stronger than her. With lots of brain storming she found a very easy weapon to win the fight and that too without using blows and kicks.

She used her spit as her weapon. The moment she found she was on the losing side she would spat on her opponent. The guy would not dare come any closer after that. He would either be cussing her or crying aloud. Misry would be happy for her win. Children complained to Madhavi about it and she tried all the fundas to stop her daughter from this bad habit, but with no success.

That day in the van she was sitting opposite Honey, who was her best friend and he took very good care of her in the school. It so happened, that Misry had a physical fight with a guy sitting next to him. They were on their way to school when sometime happened between the two and they started exchanging blows and kicks. The other children were having fun and clapping watching the two fight. Misry and the boy were on the floor of the van and having a good fight.

Misry knew she could not win the guy and now she had to use her powerful weapon against him. She got up, took aim and spat. But she missed and it landed on Honey’s uniform.

Honey who was sitting quietly in his seat looked up at Misry with angry eyes and said, “See now what I do!!”

Misry didn’t apologize and went back to her seat quietly. She didn’t speak to anyone after that and was angry with Honey too for saying this to her.

When they reached school each of the children went off to their respective class and nobody spoke about it anymore. But Misry was hurt. Her dear friend too had not taken her side. He could have understood that it was by mistake. But then he had challenged her.

Whole day in school Misry could not concentrate. It was a bad day for her. She had her lunch alone and kept to herself most of the day. In fact, she had not befriended any of her classmates for that matter. Whenever she had time she would sneak up to either Honey or Boney. But today, there was no chance.

The last bell rang and the school was over. Each student made a line to board their respective school bus. Misry was also in a line to board her van when Honey called her.

“Why should I come? The school is over now.” Misry rebuked.

“You have to come. Principal Sir is calling you. NOW!” Honey replied sternly.

Misry followed him. The Principal was a short bald man wearing a blue suit. His perfectly pinned green color tie on his sky blue shirt spoke aloud of the mismatched color combination. Nevertheless he looked at the little girl who was the main accused of Honey’s complaint.

“Is he saying the truth, Misry that you spat on him?” the Principal asked.

No answer.

“Tell me why did you do that?” The Principal insisted.

No answer.

“You can’t stand there MUM! You got to answer me! I heard that it is your regular practice. Is it true?”

No answer.

“Is it true Misry. Tell me!” The Principal’s raised his voice a little.

No response.

“Alright Honey. You may leave. She will stay back in the school today. ” The Principal said.

Their van was the last one to go and was honking for them. Misry felt very angry. She despised the Principal and spat on him. It landed on the Principal’s green tie. The Principal was furious. He ordered Honey to bring a rope to tie Misry.

Honey ran to bring a rope.

“You will spend the night in the school store room with your hands and feet tied. I shall also inform your parents not to come looking for you.“ The Principal said angrily.

By that time Honey had also brought the rope to tie her up.

Now Misry was in tears. Till now she was confident that the Principal cannot do such thing as it was only her parent’s job to discipline her. But here, this man was as angry as her Daddy.

“Tie her and go home.” The Principal said.

Honey started fitting the ends of the rope.

Misry wept aloud and begged for forgiveness.

“You have to promise me that you will never do it again then only I will allow you to go home.”  The Principal said.

“I promise.” She sobbed. “I cross my heart. I shall never do that again.” She added.

“Now say sorry to Honey.”


“Okay you can go to your van now.” The Principal said. Both the children turned to go.

Misry turned back and said to him, “Sorry sir.”

That day was a big lesson for Misry. She never spat again.

When Madhavi came to know about it she was happy to know that her child was in good disciplinarian hands. What she could not change the man had done in one meeting. She smiled and thought, “GROW UP MESSY!”



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