“Ma, why are you packing?” Misry asked.

“Because we are moving back to the Head Quarter, sweetheart.” Madhavi answered.

“All of us will go?”Misry wanted to know.

“Yes dear. Another Company will be taking over the post her.” Madhavi told her.

“I don’t want to go, Ma.” Misry said sadly.

“Why dear?”

“I don’t want to leave my friends.” Misry said.

“Oh! They can come over to meet you and you can also come down to meet them. Moreover, you will be making many new friends in the Head Quarter and you know what?” Madhavi informed.

“What Ma?”

“You will be going to school!” Madhavi announced happily.

“Oh Ma. I will get my own bag and Tiffin box?”

“Hmm. And water bottle also.”

Misry started jumping with joy. She had watched her cousins go to school at her Dadu’s place. She was very curious about school life. Misry hugged and kissed her mother.


Madhavi got busy settling down in her new quarter while Misry was busy scrutinizing her new environment. It took her only few days to know that the new campus was vast and it also had its own movie theater. Anyways she made lots of friends and most of them were older to her.

She had special liking for two Sikh kids, Honey and Boney. Honey was older and studied in second standard while Boney was younger and studied in kindergarten (KG – 2). They also had a younger baby sister who was about three years old.

Misry loved to spend time in their house because of the children. Whenever she got time she would sneak in their house and spend time playing with the children. The lady of the house was a darling and never stopped them from making noise. Instead she would make them lovely snacks to eat.

After moving in the Head Quater Pallavi and Raju had gone back home. That made the house quite lonely with just Ma, Daddy and her. Misry wished she was born to Mr. Singh’s family instead. She would have had lots of children to play with even at home.

As usual one evening she went to play with the children in the playground but instead of returning home she went to Honey’s house. She had completely forgotten the tap of time and nor did anybody remind her of going home.

Dusk eventually gave way to darkness and back home Madhavi was worried about her daughter. She had warned her little daughter many a times to come back home before its dark outside but today Misry had done it again. There was no doubt that she would be found in Mrs. Singh’s house but then Madhavi was angry about that Misry had not kept her words even after repeated warnings. It was about time the little girl needed disciplining.

When Anurag came home he was furious to find Misry not at home even at this hour.

“Where is she gone?” He asked Madhavi.

“Where else at Mrs. Singh’s house.” Madhavi replied indifferently.

Anurag left for Mr. Singh’s house without wasting a minute. The officer’s house was in the other end of the colony. With every step his patience was scaling a new height. Since they came down here Misry was not behaving as he wanted her to. The little girl was disobeying them more often and was mostly out of the house. He was very angry with Misry.

As he rang the door bell of the quarter he could hear Misry’s cheerful voice inside. No doubt the children were having fun inside.

The door opened and there stood Mrs. Singh with a warm welcoming smile, “Helloji. Please come inside.”

“Sorry to bother you, Madam. I just came to pick Misry.”

“Yes sure but please come inside first.” The lady asked invitingly.

Anurag was still in his uniform and pretty tired but he could not say no to the lady. He stepped inside the house. The house looked so warm with the laughter of children. The ambiance was contagious. It was an abode curved with love and happiness. The vibes could be felt easily.

He seated in the chair and was shortly joined by Mr. Singh. The gentle man was in his evening gear and looked very relaxed. He offered a drink to Anurag.

At first Anurag was skeptical because he was angry with Misry but then the atmosphere of the house was so welcoming that his mood changed. He accepted the offer.

The men sat down talking to each other. It was a heart to heart talk.  The men talked about their work, politics and what not. Mrs. Singh kept their small intimate session going on with supply of snacks and salad. In the end, Anurag had no inhibition to share that he despised Misry’s coming here and spending hours away from home.

“Madam I shamelessly admit that today I would have spanked Misry for not going home in time but after coming here I came to know the magic in this house. The vibes are so good that even I have calmed down.” He laughed.

Bhaisahab! Magic is not in the house. It is in the sound of joy, of the children. These children are the bloodline of this house. Singhji and I just look at them and feel blessed. They are the magicians.”

Her hands went up in prayers as she continued, “It would be wrong if I don’t tell you that Misry is a God sent angel to our house. You see my youngest child, who is three years old, would not speak at all. We tried so many treatment but the doctors said when time comes she will start speaking. Rab di Sau, Bhaisahab my daughter spoke the first word with Misry. And today the kid has taught so many words to my daughter. I feel so blessed for this God sent angel. Please Bhaisahab promise me you will never spank her.”

Mr Singh was emotional too. He folded his palms and begged Anurag not to spank the child. “Actually we didn’t want Misry to go because as long as she stayed in the house our daughter would keep talking. But once Misry leaves she is mum again. Maybe she has a special bond with Misry and that’s why only responds to her calls.”

Anurag was speechless. How could he even dream of his little daughter as a speech therapist at this age? But miracles happen and the couple is admitting it too. He promised them that he will not spank Misry and never stop her from coming here too.

Anurag thanked them and went home with Misry.

On the way Misry said, “Daddy I want a Talking Doll.”

“A talking doll! Where did you see it?” Anurag asked.

“Singh Aunty’s house. I also want a Talking Doll just like Honey and Boney. Will you bring it?” Misry said innocently.

Anurag laughed and wondered, “When will you GROW UP MESSY!”

“Fine! Let’s talk to Ma first, and then we can bring one. Okay?”He answered Misry.

Misry kissed him.


Glossary* Dadu – Maternal Grand father

Bhaisahab – a respectful term of address used to address a man

Rab di Sau- swear in the name of God

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