“Tell me, that you are my best friend!” urged Misry.

“No doubts about it Messy – You are my best friend.” Bheero answered without any doubt.

“Promise me that you will do whatever I ask you to!” Misry added.

Bheero thought for a moment then looked down at the big Dairy Milk Chocolate in Misry’s hand. He had never tasted it before and was ready to do anything for just a small bite.

“Anything you ask for, Messy.” He replied looking at the chocolate in her hand.

“And you will always take my side when Phulwa drops me from the gang.”

Misry was all set to take her revenge of the previous day when Bheroo didn’t allow her near the goat kids.

“So you trust me and will follow me with your eyes closed till I ask you to open them. Right?” Misry asked taking another bite of the chocolate.

“I heart cross that I trust you. Take me wherever you want and I shall follow you with my eyes closed. Be it with Phulwa or no Phulwa,” replied Bheero crossing his heart.

“How do I know you are not bluffing?” Misry asked.

The smell of chocolate was making Bheero drool over but he maintained his indifferent look.

“You can try me now.” He suggested.

Misry looked up and down the dirt road. Something was going on in her mind. She gave a wicked smile at Bheero and said,”Okay! Let’s see how much of this is true.”

She crossed Bheero’s heart and said, “Whatever happens you will not open your eyes. You trust me. Right?”

Bheero nodded.

She placed his hand on her shoulder and started walking down the road. Bheero kept his promise and followed her behind with his eyes closed.

All the way Misry kept him into talking but Bheero was certain that she was up to something but his craving for chocolate was more than anything else at the moment. Nevertheless he didn’t interfere and followed her.

They had walked quite a few steps together when Misry stopped and said, “So far Bheero you are doing good. Just few steps more and you pass the test. I shall trust you forever and you can have my chocolate.”

Bheero tilted his head a little with his eyes still closed. The aroma of chocolate craved him even more. He grinned and nodded.

Right on the side of the road lay big cow dung cakes, fresh like the morning air.

“Here we go,” saying Misry carefully walked over the cakes while Bheero landed his feet right into it. As he felt something sleazy beneath his naked feet he immediately opened his eyes.

There he stood right in the middle of the cow dung cakes smeared with dung with an aweful smell.

Misry laughed out loud.


Bheero made a pity face that slowly turned furious and full of hatred. He started cussing Misry while she ran for her life.

That day Misry didn’t go out of the house. For two more days she locked herself in the house and played with Raju instead. Third day Madahvi sensed something was wrong and asked her.

Misry told her how she had given Bheero cake walk and now he was after her life.

Madhavi didn’t know what to say. Instead she pleaded the child, “GROW UP MESSY!”


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