Today on GUEST BLOG POST we have with us the bestselling author of four successful contemporary romance books, Varsha Dixit. She has been associated with Indian Television Industry and worked as an assistant director and online editor. Currently Varsha resides in CA, USA , with her family.

Varsha Dixit

She tells us the back-story of her debut novel, RIGHT FIT WRONG SHOE, which was a national bestseller for the year 2010.

“A Warm Welcome, Varsha! Do let us know what inspired you to write this book?”

Varsha says – “ The year 2006 was an emotional year for me. I became a first time mom. And it is amazing, blow you out of your mind kind of amazing. Until then, I never knew I was capable for feeling so much love for another being.

Unfortunately a few months later I lost my father, whom I was very close to. He was the one man who had unconditionally empowered me from the day I was born. So his passing away was a huge physiological loss.

My head and heart felt bombarded with feelings of intense love and intense loss.

Around that time, a dear friend of mine who belongs to the publishing industry brought this idea of writing a love story. She knew of my immense love of reading and crafting plots and stories. My work experience as an Assistant Director and Online Editor for Plus Channel (under Mahesh Bhatt and Amit Khanna) allowed me to think and write visually.

So I wrote a synopsis of a story that was about friends, two women friends who somehow manage to live through a drama of a small town, their families and love. From the very beginning I had envisaged this book as series, a love trilogy.

Dang! Then came another bump! The publishing house where my friend worked tanked the series. So here I was, a depressed woman with no sense of career or direction.

Surprisingly the story did not let go of me. I realized that writing was a cathartic experience. It gave me a balance that I so needed at that time. Thus I turned my synopsis to a full-fledged novel.

My pace wasn’t the fastest and life doing what it does best, throw a few curveballs, slowed me some more. But I kept at it -writing, editing and polishing my work. It took me over two years to finish it.

Finally life took some pity on me or maybe decided to reward me for being more stubborn ass mule. I found an editor who became my mentor of sorts. She saw something in my story and helped me take it up a few notches.

Unknown to me she recommended my book to an editor with Rupa Publishers. So by the time I had written the final, final draft of Right Fit Wrong Shoe, there was already an editor expecting my book. That too an editor from one of the biggest publishing houses of the country. And the rest is history!

Right Fit Wrong Shoe started selling, and kept selling and now the book is in it’s eleventh edition. It started popping up in all bestseller lists. Readers were writing to me every day and showering their love on my work. It was an unbelievable high and extremely humbling moment of my life.

The reason I shared my backstory as to how I became a writer for in it lies my inspiration to write this book and all my other books. My inspiration to become an author was driven by equal parts love and equal parts loss.”


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