Writing is the ‘wind beneath my wings’. It helps to reach places” – Aditi Bose

We have with us today in the Debut Author Corner the doting mother and a lovely daughter to her parent Aditi Bose. Her debut novel in romance genre My Dream Man” is much appreciated. She is also the author of children E- book “Hamaguri Goes to School”. Her website Kiddie Stories 365 is all about imaginative, simple and easy to narrate stories for kids. As a person she loves to write, travel and appreciate good food. She currently freelances with a number of Indian and international websites.

In her first interview as an author she talks about her fabulous journey of life and writing.

Tell us something about yourself.

p2 - me with parents
Me with my parents


This is the one question that I dread. It takes years for someone to know another human being and even then they probably they won’t. Animals are far easier to know! So saying something about me so that people can know me and identify me is a big toughie. I will restrict it to: ‘I am a normal human being with two eyes, two ears and one nose. I am a normal woman with my heart and mind in the right place. I am the daughter of the two most beautiful people who have ever existed. I am a mother and my child is what I love most about by life. I de-stress myself by writing, swimming, eating and visiting luxurious resorts!’

What is writing for you?

Writing is the ‘wind beneath my wings’. It helps to reach places I have never been to. Meet people who I wish were real. It is my catharsis. It is the expression of my deepest emotions, hopes, beliefs and desires. It helps me to smile despite the pain. It helps me to get up and piece the pieces together. It helps me to fly ‘higher than an eagle’. It is probably the only truth that I know.

Did you always want to be a writer?

p3 - protagonists sketch done by NILADRI ROY
Sketch by Niladri Roy


If you call writing travel journals and secret diaries while in school the start of becoming a writer then yes, I have always wanted to be a writer! Actually I wanted to be a chemist when I was in Class 12 and a well-known economist while in college.

Who is your biggest influence?

My parents and my daughter are my greatest influence. My father is my hero, my teacher and the man who has taught me what being brave means. My mother is the one who has shown me how to face life with a smile. And my child is my life.

So tell us how did “My Dream Man” happen?

I did not write THIS book. I just wrote. There is a difference. When I began writing I was clueless about the plot, character names, the beginning and the end. Basically I knew nothing. I just started writing because I was ordered to do so by my brother. I like writing. But that had stopped for a while. Two reasons – firstly when scripts started to get rejected by traditional publishers I gave up hope and, second, when father passed away, I went into a shell.

Then, one fine morning, he told me that this was the only way that I would heal. He was right. By the time I finished the story I did feel more normal again. Getting it published needed another kick. This one I gave myself. Just one sentence worked – “This is the only life that I have.”

Tell us the challenges you faced to publish it.

p4 - with my fav cartoon character
My Favorite Cartoon


I didn’t really face much of a challenge. Once I knew who would be publishing my book, the rest was a cakewalk. Aniket Kapoor of Author’s Ink Publications hand held me throughout the journey. I owe his patience a lot J

You also have published a children e-book, “Hama-Guri goes to School”. Would you continue writing for children?

Yes I would. I started the blog www.kiddiestory365.com with the intention of writing stories for kid and also telling parents and educators how reading and writing in kids can be improved. Unfortunately, for a while now, due to different reasons, it has taken a back seat. But I am planning to get back to it soon. And if anyone wants to contribute then I welcome guest bloggers as well.

Tell us about your upcoming work

The next one is also a romance set in a place in India that my father loved. So it is a sort of a dedication to him and what he loved. This story would also see me trying my hand at being more expletive with the ‘romance’. It won’t be a ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’ and neither would it be an erotica. But the ‘making love’ would definitely give the mushy people goose-bumps. J Of course, the twist is always there.

p1 - with books
Aditi Bose

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