Title : Latte Cafe 22825643.jpg

Author : Amit Shankar

Genre: Short Stories

My rating : 3.5 on a scale of 5

My Review:

I did take a long time to review this book. The language is very easy and the cover is very simple but catchy. Yet the reason  for coming late is, you have to let the stories sink in before you start with a new one.

Yes that’s what I have to say about this beautiful collection of eighteen unusual short stories or rather very short stories. The stories are off beat with a twist in the end which I enjoyed very much. The last story, Writer’s Block, Down Express, Smart TV and many more will leave you asking for more. Each one of them is close to life yet so different.

However, I did wish the other stories too tickled my bone likewise. They were some what a little predictable. But that does not stop me from praising the author. In fact I would love to read his books in future.

I would also like to mention the two other stories, A Rose for Her by Kartikey Sharma aged 16 years and A Highway Called Life by Vasundhara Goyal ages 10 years, need an applause. Thanks to the author for the contribution.

I would recommend this book to all those who love to read off beat stories. The best part is you can finish the stories in one or two sitting only (for a slow reader like me).