I was surfing the YouTube for some nice prompts for my book. I usually do imagesthat to divert my mind from my work. You can say it is sort of reliever for me. Anyways I was trying a different zoner this time. It was short films. The last short films that I enjoyed most were “Going Home” directed by Vikas Bhel and “Ahilya” directed by Sujoy Ghosh. There are many more which were very thrilling like the “Bypass” directed by Amit Kumar. This time I came across another award winning short film in Bengali “Arekti JIboner Galpo”. It has English subtitles too. The film is about transgender.

How many times have we come across one? I have voted for the LGBT rights in India and that’s about it. I have never befriended any person, not that I know of, from that community so in a way I can be tagged as that kind of people who have not come across them yet speak for them in public. But my concern is what would be my reaction if I come across them in life? Will it be normal or superficial or a blast of emotions. This short film portrays that reaction of a common man.images1

But then I consider myself open minded. Can I befriend a male who has been surgically transformed into a female or vice versa? I doubt myself? But when we speak so much about what is right and what is wrong on internet can we really live our thoughts too? How far can we go for what we believe in? Or is it that we believe only because it is the trend of the society  while at heart we may be the same old person who had been always taught how to live life.

indexAmir Khan’s show Satyamev Jayate had an episode on this community. I would not lie that it was the first time I actually came to know the difference. My ignorance is entirely my responsibility because I never ventured into the territory to discover it. My apologies. I would not have written this article too had I not seen this award winning short film, “Arekti JIboner Galpo”. It got me thinking that actually there is lot that has to be done practically.