I want to fall in love again. The cold breeze outside, the freezing palms, the warmth of the woolen cardigans, the tik-tak of the belle’s shoes is making me mad again. Come winters and I want to fall in love again.

I grew up in a place where Christmas is very widely celebrated. The winter air is filled with Christmas carols and shopping. Everywhere you will come across a Santa with his big bag of goodies pounding out to share with each passerby. The big  Christmas star dangling from the top of the tin roofs comes alive with beautiful color lights at dusk every day.

The hustle and bustle of the young crowd grows in the neighborhood café. Sometimes the guitar sometimes the drum and sometimes just the vocal makes the cold evenings even more enchanting here. Come Christmas the fever does not subside but escalates to the ecstasy of the New Year celebration.

The love birds are seen almost everywhere walking hand in hand lost in their world waiting for the New Year to bring them new desires. The entire city dresses up in the winters to celebrate love. Such is the beauty of SHILLONG. Come fall in love.


I may be hundreds of miles away but my mind still wanders in the valley among the hills. The pines swaying gently murmuring some love tune in the ears.

I am dying to hear his voice, feel his breathe brushing my nape as he whispers in my ears, the way he looks at me melts me down as if nobody exists other than the two of us at the bonfire on the rooftop.


I blush unknowingly when he calls my name in the crowd just to show he cares, he holds my hand stealthily but avoids looking into my eyes. He looks at me lovingly when I am seriously discussing business with other guy only to shift my focus. Damn!The way he smiles looking at me when I wait for a compliment from him.

Even after all these years I feel the same every winter! The magical spell of love is so awesome that I have forgotten the count of time. Come winters and I fall in love gain.