Hats off Sanjay Leela Bhamsali for such an awesome visual delight with BajiRao Mastani. I have never really liked your movies be it Ram Leela, Guzarish, Savariya, Devdas or Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam. But I have watched them all. Your movies sets are larger than life and that what had always been the biggest drawback for me. I always love the sets raw. However, your current creation Bajirao Mastani has sweeped me off my feet. I am all gaga for you for the beautiful sets and designs. Even the costume designer needs special mention here for the lady did a marvelous job. Coming back to you, over the years I have been watching your films with despise but there is something in your way of storyteller that kept me glued to your movies. I love the way you portray relationship on screen.

Love does not mean that you should have a happy ending always yet you can love someone even with boundaries in-between be it geographical or otherwise. When your heart leaps for someone it does because of a particular tune and even if the person is not around your heart will leap whenever it listens to that tune. And it is purely humane to love someone so why stop yourself? But then when we talk of movies a tragic end always leaves us mum. When I saw the audience leaving the audi before our show I asked my movie mate why are the people so num. They were neither laughing nor talking. He bluntly said that Bhansali’s movies leave you weeping. His prediction was true again. Now I am writing this because Mr. Bhansali if you are reading this please make a movie with fun and laughter at the end but please don’t try a Rohit Shetty movie.