Yesterday while going in car we passed by a lady chatting with other ladies. She probably works in our neighborhood. Her dressing sense makes her distinct from others. She is in her late thirties and always wears a sari that is pinned perfectly while adding a tinge of accessories like ear tops, bangles and bindi to go with it. As the car took the turn leaving the lady way behind, my co traveler winced looking at the rear mirror.


Me : Whats wrong?
T: I don’t like that lady?
Me: Why whats wrong with her?
T: She is indecent?
Me: And why would you say that?
T: See the way she is dressed up? Always tip –top. I have never seen her anything less than this. She cannot be a good girl.
Me: (Looking astonished) You just said that because she takes effort to dress up every day and manages to stay put throughout the day?
T: Partly yes. Even her body language says it all. She is some loose character woman.
Me: Maybe her job requires her to be tip-top throughout, so what’s the big deal? And how come you reach to the conclusion that she is a bad character woman?
T: I have seen her freely talking with everybody.
Me: So how does frankness make her bad character unless you have something really bad to show?
T: I don’t want to argue with you. I FEEL she is not decent woman.
Me: But I Feel she is smart enough to be my receptionist. With her kind of attitude she can be a smart face for my business.
T: OMG! What are you saying? I won’t even allow such a woman anywhere near the colony and you are talking of hiring her. You are CRAZY!
I turned my face towards the window to avoid anymore confrontation and wandered away in my thoughts. Can a woman be characterized by her dressing sense? Sharp dressing and frankness should be considered as an attributes of a smart woman but she is rather judged for her character.