I wanted to write this for quite some time now. After watching Drishyam I was very impressed by the Indian Cinema. Very few movies of thriller genre in the recent past have succeeded in raising the impulse of the viewers like Drishyam. However , today I would like to tackle another aspect of the movie apart from being a successful thriller. I want to compare it with a parallel cinema of the yesteryear, Nishant (1975) by Shyam Benegal.

I feel both the films have similar situations even after ages apart, save the family. In Drishyam, Ajay Devgan, single-handedly stands up against the system but by staying within. He comes from a very simple background with no Godfather to back him up. In Nishant, Girisk Karnard too is a school teacher by profession and couldn’t do much when his wife was abducted by the landlord. However, he single-handedly raised his voice and stirred the entire village against the landlord.

Even after so many years, the simple man is still victimized by the system. All he needs to do is stand up against the odds. It is all about saving your family even if it means alone.