Title : Trouble Has a New Name

Author : Adite Banerjie

Genre : Contemporary Romance

Publisher : Harlequin India

The story : Will you pretend to be my fiancé for the next few days?

Recently single model Rayna Dutt does not feel like flying to her friend’s big fat Indian wedding. But she does—and when a mix-up with room allocation forces her to share a luxury villa on Emerald Isle with the gorgeous owner of the hotel Neel Arora, best man at the wedding, things begin to look up. Until Rayna’s ex turns up with a new girl on his arm! Hitting the panic button, Rayna searches for a solution. Surely Neel wouldn’t mind being her fake fiancé…? In an instant the attraction they share is at fever-pitch, but when scandal comes calling Rayna soon finds herself in more trouble than she can handle!

Rating : 4 out of 5

My Review

Come and Fall In Love

First of all thanks to the author, Adite Banerjie for giving me this fabulous opportunity to review her book. It made me fall in love again.

Mills and Boons had been part of my growing years and so had my dream man until I got married. Romance in life sings a different tune as you grow up. However, Trouble has a new name has taken me back in my twenties when the heart seeks Mr. Right just about anywhere. The characters, Rayana and Neel, are portrayed so earthly that one can easily relate with them. Their vulnerabilities, their failures their emotion makes them complete along with their independent life. Special mention to the author’s portraying of Neel’s POV that shows the softer side of men. The author has succeeded in casting the spell of her bollywood masala magic in the beautiful locales of Andaman Islands, which can prove to be an exclusive romantic destination for many.

I would recommend the book tol romance lovers of all age groups. Read it to relive your moments of love.

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