Yesterday I wrote about the charming lady, Anuroopa Basu. She is in her golden years and hails from Kolkata. I met her during my Kolkata Book tour. She is a member of Dignity Foundation. After reading my book she emailed me a four line feedback. We exchanged mails from then on.

Recently, I informed her about my upcoming book, a collection of short stories on jungle theme. She immediately replied saying she would love to read about the  jungles of Chhattisgarh. That reply gave me a new push to finish the book soon. I am so thankful to Anuroopa di as I think, that’s how writers are encouraged by the readers. Thank you so much. We really need that.

“Everybody has a story to tell”, is the theme of my Chat ‘n’ Coffee session. And I am overwhelmed to share with you all, Anuroopa Basu’s story. Though it is pretty short, yet it really talks about the effort she has put in to connect with us.

Anuroopa Basu
Anuroopa Basu
  • Tell us about yourself.
I am a housewife or a homemaker as they say.
  • On your birthday, what gift would you prefer? 

Books or flowers.

  • Which is your favorite destination and why?

I am in love with the Himalayas. I always want to go back.

  • What is your take on books/ movies/music? Any favorites?

No favorites.

  • What is that one thing that you miss so much in life?
I miss my parents and my nephew.
  • Share an experience that is turning point in your life.
 The birth of my grand child.

Anuroopa Basu
Anuroopa Basu
  • How would you describe your better half or dearest person?

A cool and composed person.

  • Given a chance, what is that one thing that you would love to change in your life?

I do not want to change anything.

  •  Any  message that you would like to give to the readers?
This is for the younger people. They should be a little more compassionate and patient.