My readers have mostly been non computer savy. Some are in the golden years of their life. Their enthusiasm has really shocked me. Their eagerness to excel and try out new things have made them stand out in the crowd. They are hardly dependent on anybody for their needs. Recently I got a mail from Anuroopa Di. She is from Kolkata. I met her during my Kolkata Book tour. After reading my book she emailed me a four line feedback. I replied. She was very happy to get it. The reason she believed today’s generation does not have patience and are not compassionate enough towards the seniors. From then on we exchanged mails sharing our views on various subject.

Anuroopa Basu

I am happy to share with you all her story. It maybe too short to what we are used to but it makes a big impact to come from a person who is not that computer savy but has taken the efforts to connect. Stay tuned to read her lines tomorrow.