I saw in the newspaper today, a kindergarten student was raped by the school director in the school premises, on the roof. The rapist was 54 year old. Day before yesterday I read in the same newspaper and same page- A 10 year old was continuously raped for 3 years by her own brother aged 17 years.

I wonder now if that particular section of the renowned Newspaper is dedicated for this heinous section only or the incidents are frequenting every minute in some nooks and corner of our society. One thing is common though, the victims are pretty minor and the accused well known to them. So in short, are these children so easy a prey to these awful intentions. Who would say that the 54 year old should be punished and the 17 year should be sent to reformatory houses. For such crimes should the justice not be same.

I have seen many authors questioning our Juvenile Justice system. Yesterday, even one author was asking for research material.

Today I am sharing this platform with one of our promising author, Kirtida Gautam whose book “Iam 16 I can rape” was launched recently. I welcome the author to a short interview scheduled on Monday 31/08/15 in my blog. Stay tuned.

I am starting up an interactive session with the theme – Juvenile Justice System. It is an event page that will be active for only two days- 29/8/15 and 30/8/15 at 10:00pm- 12:00a.m. Please join to put up your views.  Click on the picture to join.

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