Aug 19, 15
Read from May 21 to August 18, 2015
I don’t give 5 Stars easily but this book has earned it. Paromita has written an incredible novel that tosses you from happiness to sadness in one paragraph. Rich, emotional, human, and absolutely never ever boring!

I’ve no quarter for poor use of English in books I read. Yet, I felt that the way this book was written added a certain richness. Very little would I change, because it immerses me deeper into a culturally rich text that exposes you to the traditions, religious differences, difficulties and so much more of the people of India. It’s written as if I were sitting with a friend who was retelling to me a story. That I love!

I’m told that future editions will have some definition footnotes, and those I desperately wanted to save me from having to google traditional terms.

If you want a book that will whisk you away to a foreign land, to read as if it were happening to you. A book from a genuine experience. To love and to weep. This is it. Not an inch of this book was wasted with filler. 100% genuine purposeful beauty.

I truly look forward to future texts by Paromita