Name of the Book: The Black Shadow

Author :     Corey CarterThe Black Shadow

Genre:        Thriller/ Short story

Blurb :       After her parents divorced, Gracie and her mother, Lilly, moved into an old, two-story, riverfront home, where demons were just as real as the terrible bus ride that Gracie took to and from school each day. When a disturbed boy threatens to harm Gracie and her mother, the young girl becomes trapped between a world of nightmares and reality. After weeks of verbal and physical abuse on the bus, Gracie is faced with her worst fear, and one horrifying night will change her life forever.

My Take :          This is the second book of the author Coret Carter that I laid my hands upon. Talking about, THE BLACK SHADOW, indeed picking up this book was not a disappointment for me. Throughout the pages she had kept me glued till the end. The author has a fabulous way of narrating thrillers. The story of a teenager being bullied by another teenager in the school bus kept me intrigued throughout. The author very nicely described the turmoil the young girl went through and her subsequent nightmares of a black shadowed man intruding her privacy back at home.

In fact what put me down was when I was expecting more from the story it ended abruptly. Just like a graph coming down so suddenly. I wish the author had toyed more with the idea of the mysterious black shadow and added a bit of more pages rather. Overall it was a beautifully penned thriller short story that kept me asking for more.

My take on the book is    3 stars out of 5