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August 13, 2015


Over the years the word, AZZAADII….,has seen tremendous change. The spelling itself is the hint of it. Earlier it was used mostly for a community or on a much broader spectrum but lately it has survived meticulously in the hands of “I”. Its more like “Meri Aazzaadi” or “My Freedom” rather than “Hamari Azzadi”or “Our Freedom.”

”I” can never make up for a “We” yet we always prefer “I” to more than anything else. Even among friends, colleagues, batch mates, kitty groups, political group, sports team and any place you can think of one or two “Is” are always heavier on the “We”. In fact “I” evolves with each day. And the worst part is even if we realize it we cannot do much about it. “I” becomes an inevitable part of “We”.

“So what are your plans this INDEPENDENCE DAY?” I asked an adult. Mind it, an adult is a person who has the right to vote (Don’t go by the age, education or experience). He smiled. The wicked smile that conveyed hundred messages without speaking a word. I understood the smile without any hesitation but I wanted to hear from him.

“Don’t you know? Oh come on. I shall go out on a weekend trip and party around till Monday morning. Then back to square one.”

“But what about INDEPENDENCE DAY?”images

“Nah! I am not in school anymore. It’s for the school goers and uniform people. Why bug me man??”

“No. No. Listen! You just said INDEPENDENCE DAY is only for Army and school children? ”

He smiled again showing his guttka stained teeth.“Yes I did. Chill maar. Mazza kar. Mein azzad hoon na. Aur kya?

The words made me cry. Has INDEPENDENCE DAY, 15th Aug a new meaning now? “Mein azzad hoon

“So you will do nothing?”

“Oh yeah! I will post pictures on my facebook page about patriotism. Maybe if I feel like I shall post few lines of “MAA TUJHE SALAM” on my blog too. You wait and watch for the likes on my post, man!!”

“But won’t you like to attend the flag hosting ceremony in the mohalla. ”

“Yeah Yeah! Wearing traditional dress huh! We just celebrated that in our office yesterday. You can skip my name from the list please.”

“How about Holi and Diwali? You go out on trip?”

Paagal hai kya (Are you mad)? Mummy toh mar dalegi (Mom will kill me). Those are festivals.”

“Ayee Duffer! Yeh bhi National Festival hai huh (This is also national festival).”index

Hain to post kar raha hai na picture facebook mein (I am posting picture on facebook).”

I left him there and moved on. But thoughts dwelled in my mind. Will I do the same thing or mark my attendance in traditional attire for the INDEPENDENCE CEREMONY in my muhalla (colony)?

Really we are ready to celebrate “our Independence” on the social sites but not in the locality. Maybe nobody does. Who cares? It’s just another holiday to bask in the sun or play nukkad cricket or may be watch an entertainment free blockbuster. What we celebrate is “Meri AAZZADI”.

Name of the Book: The Black Shadow

Author :     Corey CarterThe Black Shadow

Genre:        Thriller/ Short story

Blurb :       After her parents divorced, Gracie and her mother, Lilly, moved into an old, two-story, riverfront home, where demons were just as real as the terrible bus ride that Gracie took to and from school each day. When a disturbed boy threatens to harm Gracie and her mother, the young girl becomes trapped between a world of nightmares and reality. After weeks of verbal and physical abuse on the bus, Gracie is faced with her worst fear, and one horrifying night will change her life forever.

My Take :          This is the second book of the author Coret Carter that I laid my hands upon. Talking about, THE BLACK SHADOW, indeed picking up this book was not a disappointment for me. Throughout the pages she had kept me glued till the end. The author has a fabulous way of narrating thrillers. The story of a teenager being bullied by another teenager in the school bus kept me intrigued throughout. The author very nicely described the turmoil the young girl went through and her subsequent nightmares of a black shadowed man intruding her privacy back at home.

In fact what put me down was when I was expecting more from the story it ended abruptly. Just like a graph coming down so suddenly. I wish the author had toyed more with the idea of the mysterious black shadow and added a bit of more pages rather. Overall it was a beautifully penned thriller short story that kept me asking for more.

My take on the book is    3 stars out of 5


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