A sensational murder that rocked the entire nation few years back. This book tells it all. Read the review to know moew.

Tell You A Story

In the recent years gone by, few criminal cases have shocked and intrigued Indians as much as the Aarushi Talwar case – and for good reason. That two parents could be so depraved and inhuman so as to murder their only child to safeguard their ‘honour’, that a 14-year-old could beaarushi-book having a sordid affair with her middle-aged servant, that one of the parents could be having an affair with someone; the case has all the trappings of a headliner.

After seven years since the incident, though, Avirook Sen has come up with a book that goes beyond it all and reveals what really happened. Of course, some readers might think ‘You can’t say that’s what really happened; it is after all one man’s narration’. But that’s the great thing about the book, it is so ‘clinical’ in its writing, in that the facts are hard and cold, laid out…

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