The city of joy, Kolkata, has always remained special for me. First, I am a Bengali, secondly, I shall always remain so. The Ganges, the Maidan, the lazy tram rides, the fish curry, the Mughlai Paratha, Egg Roll and the dhakis in the puja pandals have always held a special corner in my heart. There are thousands more excuses why I love Kolkata. The latest being my first book tour   book promo 131

As an author I had an opportunity to spend an evening with the elite members of Dignity Foundation, Kolkata. Never to forget the presence of CPI(M) Kolkata District secretary Mr. Niranjan Chatterjee who took out few minutes from his busy schedule to make an appearance in the event. Renowned Bengali author, Sanjucta Sengupta who did not hesitate to encourage a debutant author.

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My debut novel, Shamsuddin’s Grave, had convincingly gathered accolades from the enthusiastic members of the Dignity Foundation. The theme of my novel, youth migration, was highly appreciated. Also the social issues which were highlighted in my book like the child trafficking and illegal migrants were discussed at par with everybody present.

The interaction with the members was not just limited to discussion of my book but also other social challenges faced by the migrants even today. We even managed to talk at length about the lesser know tourist destinations within the country and all about the troubled North East India and Chhattisgarh.

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In the end I would like to thank the staff of dignity foundation, Suparna, Rumudi, Leena and Moitrayee. Hats off! To you guys, for organizing such a splendid evening for all of us. With special mention to Sheilu mam for her support that has elated and encouraged many like me in their respective field.

Thank you so much.

My event at Press Club, Kolkata was also a big opportunity for me. I got a chance to interact with many eminent personalities from the literary field and the media field.

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Mr. Nihar Majumdar , Prolific Writer, author of 12 Research oriented books, out of which one has been bestowed with National Award. He is also a regular columnist & Public Speaker. He even presented me with one of his books.

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Dr, Ratan Bhattacharjee, senior journalist ,The Telegraph and Assam Tribune, and academician is also the Executive member in the International Advisory Board of International Theodore Dreiser Society, USA. Dr. Ratan Bhattacharjee is also the author of love poems The Ballad of the Bleeding Bubbles.

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Thank you so much for your encouraging words. Kolkata News