It’s New Year and I am very glad to make an announcement. I have penned my debut novel, “SHAMSUDDIN’S GRAVE: The Story of a Homeless” which is due to release in the coming week. That precisely answers why I was not present on my blog for such a long time.

Now about a small peek into what my novel is about. My genre is – Contemporary adult fiction. The setting of the story is in a city in the North east India, Guwahati. I chose that city as it happens to be my home town. Staying outside Guwahati for such a long while has set me home sick. I think the same applies with many of you too when you spend several years away from your home land. That is the Theme of my novel as well. We move out to bigger cities for new opportunities with big dreams. Some of us succeed in achieving it too. Kudos to them! But are all of us that lucky??

My story is presented through two people – Latika, an NGO activist and Shamsuddin, a daily labourer. Two people, two different world. Amid the backdrop of natural calamity and ethnic violence is the story of betrayal, hope, love and self discovery.