The Garden of Five Senses, as the name suggest, is definitely a place to enthral the five senses of your body. This is an ideal place to enjoy your Sunday branch with family on a lazy winter day. It is in close proximity to Qutub Minar. The exact route is Said-ul-Ajaib village on the Mehrauli-Badarpur road. The sprawling garden is stretched on about twenty acres of land and gives an awesome view of the Qutub Minar and Mehrauli area.


The garden is designed specifically to invoke sense of touch, smell, sight, sound and taste within the body. The entire area is categorized accordingly. Just near the entrance in the Khas Bagh area is the Mughal garden pattern of garden which is very captivating.

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Beside it is the water fountain area with numerous stone elephants in red splashing tons of water with its trunk. The sight is very soothing with the green blanket of artistically trimmed hedges at the background. The path will lead you to a small open area with pillars at one end like an open stage. Most of the dance festivals are held in this part of the garden.Further following the trail leads to Neel Bagh, a pool of water lilies surrounded by variety of bamboo bushes and climbers.


A little climb from here following the shady trail will lead to the giant wind chime. The sound of the numerous bells of the chime gives a very soothing effect to the ears. Just like a humming of a bird.


A gaze at the sprawling green landscaping on the slopes just beside the wind chime is another attraction of the garden. This area is dedicated to awesome metallic statues in various dance forms.

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And the slope down the other side leads to the open amphitheater of the garden. This is the venue for live shows and concerts held in the garden. There is a small food court at the backside of the amphitheater to munch something while watching a show.The main food court of the garden is near the entrance of the garden which hosts food festivals. The garden also host flower show in the month of February every year. Throughout the year the garden hosts food and culture festival of many states.

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The garden is definitely a must visit during such occasion as it gleams with decorative lights and musical fountains during the evenings. On other days one can enjoy the camel ride during the daytime apart from the variety of flowers and fragrances.

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With so much to offer the garden has some flaws too. The main problem is connectivity. The garden is about three or four kilometers  off from the main road or the nearest metro station. It becomes very difficult during the evenings to get back to the main road from the garden. The auto stand can charge much more during evenings and besides it is not safe travelling alone during evening as the road is deserted. Also visiting the park on other times is quite troublesome because of the love birds. It is very embarrassing sometimes to venture with family and kids as they display affection publicly in a very indecent manner. The authorities should do something about it otherwise like all other parks in Delhi this will also end up being another lovers nest.