Yes you heard me right. Today is Valentine’s Day and there is a reason for dressing up to woo your man.  How about the Indian way ? So ladies here are few tips to dress up the Indian way. No I don’t want to let down the man folk out there. You guys can get a good idea to buy something on your next visit to India.

toe ring

  • I shall start from the toes. So after pedicure and polishing your toe nails what else you do? You can put “Alta” to dress it up as in the picture above. It a red liquid used by Bengali girls to dress up their feet. Once it dries up you can put “Payal” (anklet) and “Bicchiya” (toe ring worn in the middle finger).  “Bicchiya” is mostly worn my married women in India and an auspicious part of women jewelry



  • Now is the time to jazz up your perfect waist. Well don’t worry if  your statistics are not that of a model. Your man will always love you the way kamarbandhyou look. This is just a treat to him on this special day. Indian women use “Kamar-bandh”. Sort of belt that makes you look more tempting. I have a picture here to make you understand. They come in all variety just like the anklet. Simple chain to designer piece of jewelry ranging from ethic to contemporary. Just try once.


  • Now the hands. Your hands are Manicured or not just a touch of “Mehendi” on your palm can surprise you too. The design and the color is so awesome that you would like to do it more often. You can also apply mehendi designs on your feet instead of “Alta”. However both have a different getup. Of course in applying mehendi designs you need an expert mehendi designer. If you happen to visit India then get a design book and make someone paint for you back home. You must take note that it will take couple of hours for the application to dry up and as long as you keep it on darker the color will be. In India the color of the mehendi on the palm is the love indicator. Darker the color means the more your man loves you.


  • So done with mehendi its time to wear jewelry. Bangles and rings are used to enhance the beauty of the hands. You can choose from simple to elegant designs for both. Some picture here will give you the idea

images (30) images (26)


  • With so much done how you can forget your slim and long arms. armletYou don’t have one? Don’t worry. Your man will always love you the way you look . So show off your arms with armlets. Instead of tattoos these piece of jewelry looks classier. Just take a look. Yes you will love it.
  • Now it’s time for the neck. Be it bare back or cleavage dress that you plant to wear a necklace will always complement it. I do not have to write much here as the ball is entirely on your court now. So I leave it to you. Of course some pictures will surely tell you how we like in India.
  • Same goes for ear jewelry. From rings, tops to “jumkas” and dangles you can choose any. It will always frame your lovely face.

Jumkaimages (19)Dangles


  • Now let’s do the head and do the hair. Here again the designs are plenty. I would like to mention about “Parandhi”. Even if you have short hair you can use this accessory. Its a long braid with lots of designs in it. You can check the picture to understand it.



  • If you are doing a bun then again this small piece of accessory “Juda pin” can make a lot of difference.


judapinjudapinJuda pin

  • The most important part is the face and we have nose pins in various designs and “Maang tika” (forehead jewelry) to compliment it to enhance your features. Both are favorite jewelry of Indian women. And of course nothing is complete without the “Bindi”. Here are some pictures to give you an idea.

Bindiimages (23)Maang tika


Well I have mentioned every detail that Indian girls love to use. Now it is your turn to try them.  You can also try any Indian dress like the sari, salwar kameez or ghagra with these jewelry and get ready to turn the heads on. And don’t forget to share your picture with me as I would love to see how you look in Indian attire. Mail me at and I shall post in my blog. Here at the end is the picture of one of the most beautiful actress of Indian Classic Cinema, Madhubala. A true Indian beauty.

images (32)