Today I want to share my feelings after reading a blog here. It was photo album of a tourist who had reiNamastecently visited India. His blog title caught my attention (wrongly captioned) and his uploaded pictures annoyed me. So here I am to share few things to remember while visiting India.

India is captioned as a mysterious country for generations. Of course land of snake charmers, cow
worshipers, naked sadhus from the Himalayas, self proclaimed babas, land of gods and what not. Even when you are reading this your neurons must be showing a different image at the back of your mind. Sure you are surprised that I could read your thoughts. Lols.

Leave them behind. India has traveled much beyond that. We are not justwomen dressed for the puja a land of poverty stricken illiterate people who come begging at every crossing or love to paint the walls just anywhere pissing or make pavements our home or spit on road or throw garbage as if it was made for this purpose or relief ourselves just about anywhere without worrying about hygiene. Yes India is nasty if you read this but then we are the second most populated country in the world after China and area wise much smaller. So the density is bound to be more. However we are surely not proud of this statistics and we are taking the necessary measures. We have come a long way from being the most documented street children series or chaos and crowd in our local trains and buses.

Diwali FestivalI rather wish that you visit India by learning more about its culture and people who under all the circumstances have succeeded in preserving their values. We are the country that still believes in miracles of god and look for all opportunity to worship him. Therefore every time we greet someone we fold our hands and touch our heart to say “Namste”(Namah: Aste – Sanskrit term). We still love to celebrate every occasion with color and lights to show the positivity and energy we believe in. To face the struggle of the day each morning we draw strength by touching our elder’s feet. The monument of love – Taj Mahal is a living example of how far a man can go for his love in India. And the same is with the women folk here. Amid all the strife in life she would celebrate “Karvachauth or Savitri Brath ” for her husband. It is just in India that a female deity is worshiped and some tribes
festival of colorsin North East India have matrilineal society.

Few years back news hit the headlines that an Indian couple residing in Norway had lost the custody of their two toddlers because they fed the children with their own hands rather than using a spoon and slept them in the same bed which the couple shared rather than slept them independently. Well this was shocking as in India we eat our meals with our own hands and feed the children the same way. Our affection does not allow us to let a young child sleep independently in other room. By practicing this we make a lifelong bond with our child and the role reverses as we grow old. At the peak of our age it is
our children who play the role of our parents and care for us rather than leave us independently. Such is the beauty of our relationship and values.

Godess Durga And without understanding these values and customs if you visit India all you will capture in your lens is begging street children, poverty, chaos, maddening crowd and everything that we are ashamed of ourselves. But if you really open your heart while you see India it will be different experience.

We believe “Atithi Devo Bhavo  Touching feet of elders and taking blessings    ” means (guest is god). So we greet you like god and give our best to make your stay pleasant. Yes I know you did face problem with one of us but that does not mean India as a whole is bad. While you are ready to share your woes on your blog then why not also share what really touched your heart during your India trip.

We care about our elders

In the end I want to share this link with you to say why I LOVE MY MOTHER.

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