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So you are planning a gadget free vacation in a remote destination this year. Good for you. It will give you all the juice you need to unwind yourself. But have you ever thought how would your child react to such themes?

Exactly, you never thought of it. Of course there is plenty to do in the daytime like hiking, biking, swimming and much more. But once the sun is down and there is no TV or any other means of electronic entertainment to juggle with your child will surely come nagging to you.

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So before you run to pack his video game here are few tips which can really help you and your family members enjoy the vacations utmost. And do not forget to thank me if it really helps you.

So here are few tips for you.

  • Ask him to pack some of his favorite story books. At home with the study schedule and preparing for exams he has less time to flip through the pages of the comic books that you bought for him on his last birthday. Evenings here is the perfect time to engage him in reading these books.


  •  You can also ask him to pack some his favorite toys and indoor games too. Sometimes due to busy schedule you do not get time to play with him. Evenings are the best time during this trip wherein your family can enjoy a game together.

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  • When was the last time you gazed at the stars? Did something ring inside you? Oh yes, what else could be the best time to lie on your back and gaze at the stars. While asking him to choose his pick of stars you can also educate him about the vastness of our universe, planets, satellite, constellations and much more. Children love to learn the fun way rather than the books.


  • What best could be telling stories to your child or rather share your childhood stories. Your child will easily relate to you on all the occasions.


  • A night stroll can also be very interesting. You can teach the child to decipher different sounds from the surrounding. Moving out with a torch light can help you even locate the source of these sounds. This way your child will learn about different crickets if there happen to be any. However if your child is too young then he might not enjoy the stroll in the darkness. In that case you have to indulge in other activities.


  • Another very interesting activity is to ask your child to keep a journal of this trip. Evening is the best time to think and write about the activities of the daytime. This will encourage him to jot his thoughts as well which can share with his friends when he goes back. It will also develop your child’s writing habit.


  • Your child can also enjoy coloring and sketching if he has a knack of it. So whenever you plan a trip make sure to ask him to pick up his crayons, brush and paints as well.


And in the end if you really want your child to enjoy his vacation in a remote area without bothering you adults much then plan your trip with another family that have children of almost same age as your child. That will keep you and your spouse off from babysitting your child during the entire trip. So have more fun when you plan your next trip.

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